Looking for some new shoes but not sure about how to pick them? Rubi Singapore has a great selection of shoes online. Choose from a wide selection of flats, boots, sandals, and more! Scroll down or click here to find out the essentials of women’s footwear!


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Rubi Shoes - Wearing the Right Shoes for the Occasion

For some ladies, owning just one pair of shoes is not enough. Isn’t it boring to wear the same pair of sneakers every day? Looking for some variety? Then you’ve come to the right place, as Rubi shoes has some of the best women’s shoes available online and then some. Having the right pair of shoes for just about any occasion is essential. After all, it’d be a shame if you had the perfect outfit but no shoes to pair it with. Read on for a guide on some must-have shoes that every woman should own, all of them available right here at Rubi!


Now, these are some shoes made for walking. If you know you’re in for a day of non-stop coming and going, save yourself from the unavoidable heel ache and ditch the heels for some loafers. Whether you’ll be spending the night at the bar or rushing to catch the train, loafers are comfortable, durable, and not to mention they look good. Pair them with some comfortable jeans and a blazer jacket for a more casual look or heap on the charm with an A-line skirt and a thin sweater.


These are pretty much the staple shoes of the 21st century and absolutely necessary no matter what type of look you’re going for. Because, let’s be real, sneakers go with everything. Whether they’re high-tops or slip-ons, pink or white, sneakers are the epitome of casual fashion. Everyone wears sneakers, even if they’re going on dates, paired with a skirt and a long-sleeved top or to work, with a button down and a pair of skinny slacks. Sneakers suit any occasion.


Slip on a pair of fashionable sandals and be ready for the day. Going to the beach or just heading to the store to do some shopping, wearing a pair of sandals gives elegance and style to the wearer. Choose from the wide variable available at Rubi, such as slip-on sandals or sandals held on by straps.


Boots are unexpectedly versatile when it comes to matching outfits and they come in an incredibly wide range. Ankle boots, lace-ups, zip-ups, moto or heeled, there are all sorts of boots available on Rubi. Most of the time, boots are only worn in places with cold climates but these days they’re more a fashion icon than anything, seen anywhere in the world. Want to look tough even when you’re wearing a dress? Boots are the answer to your prayers, especially as they look good no matter what you’re matching them with.


Every woman needs at least one pair of stilettos! Perfect for formal events like dates, weddings, company dinners, and so on, stilettos make short legs look long and long legs look longer, so they’re suited for any woman out there. With every step you take in a pair of stilettos, they lend an edge of confidence for the ladies out there that need it.

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