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One of the biggest brands in bike products and technology is now in the country! Rudy Project Singapore delivers only the best sports performance products from eye wear, bags, and apparel. From Italy to the rest of the world, Rudy Project vows to give the wearer comfort, and excellent performance using the latest material technology. Trust only Rudy Project Singapore for your sports and lifestyle needs!

About Rudy Project Singapore

As a lover of sports with a solid sentiment for providing and improving athlete performance around the globe, Rudy Barbazza established the Rudy Project in Italy. The company started out in 1985 with a vision to be the world’s most technologically advanced sports eyewear provider. Unlike other brands, the Rudy Project collaborates with athletes to render a design fully suited to what they need. While the company started marketing their products towards sports professionals, it has become a major lifestyle brand because of its aesthetics, comfort, and protective features. Today, the company now has a global presence across the globe with 14 branches in the Philippines alone. Established in 2001, Rudy Project Singapore is geared fulfill it’s goals to be the number one provider of athletic sports eyewear in the country.

Rudy Project products for your outdoor needs

Rudy Barbazza originally created the Rudy Project to provide the best sports eyewear for professionals to aid them on each of their fields. This dedication, with thorough testing and research provided the best sunglasses and eyewear for athletes across the world. Realizing the potential of the brand, Rudy expanded his grasp towards different products, applying the same technological concept of using high-tech materials for durability and comfort. Here are some products that you can purchase from the Rudy Project Singapore:

The technology behind Rudy Project Singapore

Behind every good set of products comes the technology behind it. The Rudy Project Singapore promises comfort and optimum functionality through the use of cutting-edge technology. Their dedication to the craft had garnered a lot of awards throughout the years including Men’s Journal Breakthrough Award and Timeless Design, Triathlon Editor’s Pick in 2005, Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year in 2008, and Inside Triathlon Best of Show in 2005. Equiped with the latest components, the Rudy Project Guarantees quality products for your everyday sports lifestyle needs.


Literally sculpted by the wind, Tralyx™ is the epitome of bike eyewear technology. It boasts a strong and powerful aesthetics but is thoroughly lightweight with outstanding comfort. The Tralyx™ design gives the wearer an unparalleled field of vision and has a heat dissipation feature which uses small vents on the frame which also doubles as an additional aerodynamic feature; much like a car’s air intake system on a front bumper. It cools down the wearer and reduces surface tension for maximum speed.

Another Tralyx™ technology feature is its inner bendable steel core and an adjustable front tip which can easily be adjusted; adding more factors for comfort. Another factor that makes Tralyx™ unique is its surface geometry. By skillfully mixing polymers, functional designs and experience with bike helmets, the rear portion of the tip will automatically bend according to the wearer’s skull when inserted on a Rudy Project Helmet docks or helmet vents. This type of advanced technology can only be seen in Rudy Project sunglasses.

ImpactX 2

The newest version of the ImpactX technology, ImpactX 2 uses unbreakable photochromic optics, designed to give the user the highest dynamic range of vision. ImpactX 2 lenses enhances the contrast even in dark conditions, and a comprehensive visual improvement while providing excellent protection. ImpactX 2 lenses from the Rudy Project philippines features the following enhancements:

  • Absorbs higher rates of ultraviolet transmission.
  • Activates photocromic speed up to 25% faster than the previous ImpactX.
  • Has higher contrast definition, sharper images and superior visual perception.
  • Features pigment packet which are sensitive to both light and UV rays.
  • Is more stable at extreme temperatures with up to 20% improvement from the previous version.
  • 65% wider photochromic range.
  • Incorporates the newly-developed High Dynamic Range Technology (HDR™) which scientifically modulates the lightwaves through the lens

Superior Protection

When it comes to protection, you can trust Rudy Project Singapore to provide only the best in the industry. Rudy Project helmets are well armed with exceptional design for aerodynamics, and strong yet lightweight materials which provides extraordinary comfort and protection. Their helmets are made with a flow-through ventilation to reduce surface tension and cool down the wearer as well as deliver maximum comfort with an RSR disc for a custom fit. Whether you are out biking, skiing, hockey or any other sport, you can find the perfect Rudy Project helmet that would offer maximum protection and deliver excellent performance.

Whether you regularly hit the gym, or an active individual, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to own a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses. The brand promises comfort, protection and great aesthetics that would certainly suit your active lifestyle. From Rudy Project bags, eye wear and apparel, you can trust the Rudy Project to provide only the best products for your needs.