Samsonite is an American luggage manufacturer, specializing in large suitcases, travel backpacks, and duffel bags. If you are in the market for one, check out the latest Samsonite luggage. You can also learn about the different types of luggage by reading the article below.


Your Guide to the Different Types of Luggage with Samsonite Singapore

There are several different types of luggage in Singapore that you can choose from, the most common ones being the suitcase, backpack and duffel bag. These various options exist because every trip is different, which means that there are ideal luggages for a particular situation. To help you decide which luggage type you will take, it is important to consider the place you will be staying, the frequency of moving between lodgings, and the mode of transport you will use. Aside from that, it’s important to learn the most common luggage types so that you will know which type of luggage you should use based on your travel details.


For travelers, this is probably the most common type of luggage that usually comes in a rectangular shape with rounded or square corners. Suitcases are made from various materials including plastic, metal, cloth or leather. Most suitcases come with at least one handle and sport a door-like mechanism with hinges so travelers can easily access their belongings. Some variants even have wheels for easier transport. If you’re in the market for a good suitcase, Samsonite Singapore is one of the brands to check out. They have impressive collections of suitcases such as the Samsonite Crusair that is known for durability, style, and overall value.

When should you use a suitcase?

With their ideal design and large openings, suitcases in Singapore are very convenient. They allow travelers to neatly store their belongings and gain easy access to retrieve them. Even though they are the ideal luggage for packing, suitcases are not always best for your travels. If you are planning to stay in a hotel or a home where you will not be moving from one place to another very often, then a suitcase would be the best luggage to bring for your trip. On the other hand, if your trip needs a lot of public transit or requires frequent walking with your luggage, there are better options, such as a backpack or duffel bag.


Travel backpacks in Singapore are popular amongst travellers who plan to go to many different places. They typically come with a large compartment with some compartments for accessories or electronics. Backpacks sport two straps so that travellers can easily carry them on their backs. Unlike suitcases, backpacks do not come with a door-like mechanism for easy access to retrieve belongings, instead, they sport zippers for each compartment. For this reason, they are slightly more inconvenient when you need to get your belongings, however, they can be easily transported from one place to another. If you’re looking for a backpack that serves many purposes, check out Samsonite Singapore’s remarkable collection. Samsonite backpacks suit various needs from everyday business use to day trips and overnight stays, or simply used as cabin luggage.

When should you use a backpack?

If you plan to travel to a resort or a place that you will be staying in the same lodging for some time, then a backpack would not be the ideal choice. It's more convenient to use a backpack in other situations such as planning to visit multiple cities in a short span of time. The reason they are great for multiple short trips is that they are very easy to carry around with you. Backpacks are also very convenient to use when you plan on travelling to far-flung areas such as a campsite in which some trekking with your luggage is needed. These situations would only mean that you have to ditch your bulky suitcase, and look for a decent backpack.

Duffel Bag

Duffel bags in Singapore are typically lightweight with a cylindrical or rectangular design and one large opening that can be sealed either with a zipper or drawstring. They are usually made of thick fabric and do not come with hard components to them, hence they can be easily stored. They also have two small straps, with some variant sporting an over arm strap that makes it easy to carry around in one hand. In terms of price, duffel bags are the ideal choice as they are typically more affordable than a suitcase or a backpack and can have nearly the same carrying capacity. If quality and affordability are the things you look for, Samsonite Singapore duffel bags come with these features. For this reason, their duffel bags are sought-after by many travellers.

When should you use a duffel bag?

Duffel bags can be used in various situations. Although they are not as efficient as a suitcase or a backpack when it comes to storing belongings and carrying around, they can easily be stored away until you get too many belongings and you need the extra carrying space.