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How long do Samsung monitors last? | Does the Samsung 27-inch curved monitor have speakers? | What are the best Samsung 24-inch monitors?


Top Samsung Monitors Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Samsung SF350 S$ 245.00 Shopee
Samsung C27F390F S$ 220.00 Lazada
Samsung 49 Inch QLED Gaming Monitor S$ 1,599.00 Lazada
Samsung S24F350FHE 23.5-inch LED Monitor S$ 176.00 Lazada
Samsung CF390 S$ 219.42 Shopee
Samsung S22C450BW S$ 53.95 Amazon
Samsung C27F591F S$ 447.67 Shopee
Samsung U28E590D S$ 548.00 Lazada
Samsung S27F350FHE S$ 328.90 Lazada
Samsung S27E450B S$ 379.00 Lazada
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Samsung Samsung SF350

Available in Shopee S$ 245.00 Go to Shop

Samsung Monitors Singapore: Lifelike Vividness

Samsung Electronics is a globally recognised brand when it comes to home appliances and consumer electronics. This Korean company started its operation in 1938, primarily manufacturing home electronics to Korean consumers. Eventually, their success paved the way for them to become globally known and hit the shelves of every house in the world.

Why Choose Samsung Monitors?

Samsung Singapore is an electronics brand that has been around long enough that it’s already become a household name. Being a household name is pretty similar to a brand that can be trusted, making it a very easy choice for consumers when faced with a decision to choose the brand that they’ll go for.

However, the brand’s success is nothing without its innovative feat to always offer something new and groundbreaking to the market. Their monitors are no exception to this.

Monitor Screen Has Never Been This Better

Just when we thought that monitors and computer screens couldn’t get any better, is when Samsung stepped up its game. With technological innovation on its all-time high, Samsung was able to integrate every bit of innovation into their desktop and launched desktop monitors that take vivid into the next level.

Form Factor for Better Functionality

Aside from the technology injected into every piece of monitor from Samsung, they also boast designs that step up the functionality of their monitors. Plus, they look stylish as they sport sleek and elegant design.

High-Calibre Samsung Monitors

Samsung is a brand of electronics that pushes its limits to the maximum when dealing with electronics. It is a guarantee that whenever they release a new product, it’s will break records and set a new standard. In fact, Samsung monitors are designed to bring out the best not just in digital media, but also in games. Despite its groundbreaking technology, their latest line of monitors is not as expensive as you expect them to be because they use 2-7 CCFL bulbs for the backlighting.

Most of Samsung's monitors are LED, boasting a thin design that doesn't use up too much power. These LED monitors are efficient in all lighting conditions, providing perfect clarity even in the brightest environment. Also, the detail of every picture shown on these Samsung LED monitors is so crisp that almost the tiniest speck of dust can be seen. This is why LED monitors are becoming a preferred choice not just by those professional users but also by the general public.

Samsung Monitor Variants

Samsung monitors in Singapore are among the most innovative monitors there are in the market today. From the design to functionality, they've come up with monitors that are set to provide maximum viewing pleasures in various ways.

  • Curved monitors that come with a curved design, for a more immersive viewing experience.
  • UHD or UltraHD boasts 4K pixel quality and high resolution, making every detail your picture or video appear crisp and clear.
  • WQHD boasts a high resolution that depicts more details at a glance.
  • LED is a performance-driven monitor that does not eat too much electricity.
  • Wide Viewing Angle indulges in superior picture resolution from whatever angle or aspect you are looking from.

How long do Samsung monitors last?

Samsung monitors can last for 50,000 hours on average, or up to 15 years. With proper care and maintenance, they will have a long lifespan for sure.

Does the Samsung 27-inch curved monitor have speakers?

Yes, the innovative Samsung monitor (27-inch) comes with built-in 5-watt stereo speakers that deliver rich and full sounds for all sorts of entertainments including watching movies and playing games, making sure you’re immersed in the enjoyable experience.

What are the best Samsung 24-inch monitors?

Best Samsung 24-inch Monitor You Can Get Now

  • 24” Flat Monitor T35F with Borderless Design - S$ 228.00
  • 24” Business Monitor SE450 with Higher Productivity - S$ 218.00
  • 24” Curved Monitor with Optimal Curvature 1000R
  • 24” FHD Monitor with Super Slim Design and Game Mode
  • 24” Professional Monitor with Bezel-less Design - S$ 318.00
  • 24” FHD Monitor with Bezel-less Design - S$208.00

Prices are taken from the official Samsung site and are subject to availability.