Samsung's external SSD is the T1 portable SSD. With the high-speed performance of an SSD packed in a very slim and stylish compact case, the T1 brings speed in three storage configurations: 250GB, 500GB and 1TB. Read more about Samsung's external SSD here.

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Samsung External SSD Singapore

About Samsung Singapore

Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company that was founded in 1938, and is currently headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Under the giant conglomerate are many different subsidiaries. Their electronics subsidiary, Samsung Electronics is the world's largest information technology company. Ever expanding all over the world, Samsung's major income and largest industry is in their electronic products, with product lines that range from home appliances to internal computer hardware and parts.

Being one of the largest electronics company in the world, Samsung's large line of products are found almost anywhere, from home appliances that you use at home and also computer hardware. What computer hardware could Samsung be producing? Many different ones of course, but their solid-state drives (SSDs) are one of the more reliable ones in the computer market.

What are Samsung external SSDs?

External SSDs, or solid-state drives, are a different form and type of digital storage. Traditional and conventional tried-and-true digital storage are usually in the forms of hard-disk drives (HDDs), which are mechanical – meaning that there is a circular disk that keeps spinning in the hard-disk case. The HDD, although reliable, does have several downfalls in comparison to the SSD: It is slower and it has a very high risk of damaging it because of its moving parts (don't shake it when its running!). Here are the advantages of a Samsung SSD over the traditional HDD:

  • Durable: As SSDs are basically flash drives mounted on a circuit board, there is literally no moving parts inside that could break from shock damage as a HDD would.
  • Fast – SSDs are fast. Because a HDD needs to spin its disc during startup and during its operation, it is limited by its physical spin rates. An SSD on the other hand, features flash drives which allows instantaneous speeds during reading and writing of data – this in turn makes your computer or video games console much faster.
  • SSDs also use almost half the power required than needed for a HDD: This will give you longer laptop and Ultrabook battery life, and we all know that is an important factor for a portable computer.
  • For those who play a lot of intensive games or process a lot of data everyday will appreciate the fact that an SSD is a cooler (temperature) alternative in comparison to the conventional HDD – they are also completely silent, so no whirring or any humming.
  • They are much lighter to carry and transport around as well, meaning you will not have to worry about any extra weight in your bag.

All these advantages puts the external SSD as a much better alternative compared to external HDDs, which are far riskier to bring around because of the possibility of damaging it.

Samsung T1 external SSD

The Samsung T1 is their portable external SSD. The T1 is aced in a very sleek and stylish enclosure, and comes in three different storage configurations of 250GB, 500GB, and a massive 1TB. The compact case allows the user to carry the external SSD and its full high-speed performance wherever they go. Get your Samsung external SSD with best online price from iprice Singapore!