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Ever popular, Samsung smartphones are always designed for power and comfort. Not only that, people always point to fun & functionality when using Samsung smartphones. Brace yourself for amazing range of Samsung smartphones!

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Samsung Smartphones Singapore - Stunning The World

Since the launch of the first Samsung smartphone, Samsung has been widely praised for constantly introducing innovative features that help enhance user experience, especially the world's first curved OLED technology in smartphones. This continues with its own unique Super AMOLED screen technology that offers superior contrast and great visuals when viewed in low light condition. In 2011, Samsung has taken the world by storm with its revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Note series that gives extra fun and functionality through its S-Pen stylus.

Samsung Smartphones Singapore - Enjoy Your Smartphone Like Never Before

  • It Is More Fun Than Ever Before. Enhance your creativity & enjoyment with S-Pen stylus that offers tons of functions like copy, paste or editing the photos beyond just writing with a pen.
  • Stunning & Vibrant Display. Samsung smartphones usually have captivatingly crisp & sharp visuals with great color saturation & accuracy.
  • As Smooth As Silk. The design of Samsung smartphones are usually slim & sleek, making them extremely comfortable yet solid when holding them.

Popular Samsung Smartphones Singapore

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  • World's first dual-curved display smartphone
  • Beautiful & Bold dual-curved display gives this impressive smartphone a modern & chic look
  • The rounded glass on both left & right edges form the appearance akin to a flattened bubble effect

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  • Fusion of glass and metal design makes the smartphone sleek, sophisticated & smooth at the same time.
  • Smooth & responsive fingerprint sensor allows for easy yet secured reading of your fingerprints.
  • The 5.7-inch screen size and quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels give stunning & sharp visual especially when reading your text at outdoors.

Samsung Galaxy A5

  • Premium full metal design with classy look.
  • Exceptional craftsmanship makes this smartphone feel ''crafted'' as opposed to being made.
  • The slim & sleek body compliments its large screen instead of making it look odd.

Smartphones are getting more popular and common these recent years. Thanks to numerous designs in the market, it is harder to pick a good smartphone that offers practicality and pleasure at the same time. The Samsung smartphones always have these important qualities that enhance your experience when using one. The gold Samsung smartphones is one of the most popular colors in the market.