Although people are opting for other means of watching their favourite shows, there is no doubt that every house owns at least one television. Samsung Singapore is a brand primarily known for their phones as well as their televisions. Shop for the latest Samsung LED TV below.

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Features of Samsung'sLED TV Singapore

To put it simply, an LED TV is an LCD TV that has a backlit that consists of extremely bright LEDs (light-emitting diodes). Samsung is known to be one of the first brands to popularize LED TVs. The main difference between plasma and OLED TVs compared to LED TVs is its transmissive technology where each pixel is illuminated from behind.

Samsung offers a wide range of LED TVs in Singapore that come in various sizes. The most popular ones are the 55-inch LED TV and 65-inch LED TV and most of them come in Ultra HD. Here are some of the features that you can expect when you purchase a Samsung LED TV in Singapore.

Filters Noises for Added Viewing Pleasure

One of the technologies that come with the Samsung LED TV is Clean View. With the application of Clean View, users not only experience crystal-clear programming but also helps filter noises for a better viewing experience. The auto noise-removal technology helps to remove digital and analogue noise that is seen on the LED screen. Picture quality is enhanced through the Analog Noise Filter which deletes visual noise from both air and cable sources.

Slim Dimensions

Say goodbye to chunky TVs as most of the Samsung LED TVs are designed with slim dimensions. The slim bezels give the TV an attractive and sleek look for the ultimate audio and visual delight. Many of the LED TVs are engineered with the HyperReal Engine technology which enhances the video display which offers users a unique visual experience.

Durability at its Finest

As monsoons are common in Singapore, Samsung TVs are equipped with block capacitors that allow the TV to absorb lightning strikes up to 15 kV. On top of that, every single chipset has a coating of Silica Gel and anti-humidity glue that helps to protect the LED TV from moisture. It can also withstand up to 750 V of high fluctuation with the varistor blocks and capacitor.

Better Imaging Experience

Samsung LED TVs utilises an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm which is known as Samsung's Wide Colour Enhancer Plus. This technology produces vibrant colours that equivalate to better images. The quality of any image is drastically improved and uncovers any hidden details. It unveils colours that are meant to be seen.

USB Compatible

Simply watch your favourite movies through the use of your USB. Samsung LED TVs has the ConnectShare Movie feature where you can easily plug your USB memory drive or HDD into the TV. It allows users to instantaneously enjoy movies, photos and even music! Only with Samsung Singapore, you can experience a wide variety of content within the comforts of your living room.

How long does a Samsung Smart TV last?

Samsung Smart TVs can generally last between 40,000 and 100,000 hours or 4 to 10 years, depending on usage and maintenance. Hence it is common for a TV to get replaced after every 7 to 8 years. The internal components and firmware may get obsolete years later even if the physical condition still remains pristine.

Which is the best Samsung TV?

Best value-for-money set: Samsung Q800T 8K QLED

As Samsung’s entry-level 8K model, this QLED TV has stunning pictures and an impressive OTS (Object Tracking Sound) audio system that offers a great depth of sound.

Best for gaming enthusiasts: Samsung Q80T QLED

The perfect gaming TV that features an ultra-low input lag of 8.7ms, VRR (Variable RefreshR Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), as well as FreeSync for PC AMD gamers.

Best aesthetic TV: Samsung The Frame (2020)

Akin to a painting frame, this QLED TV is clad in a bold metal casing and comes in customisable frames. What’s special about this television is it can easily disguise as a real painting in Art Mode which displays classic artworks or photographs.

Best TV with style: Samsung The Serif QLED Ultra HD Smart TV

Offering 4K UHD QLED playback is The Series, in addition to other features like built-in NFC and smart assistants including Alexa, Assistant, and Apple’s HomeKit. This Samsung 55-inch TV will need to be mounted on a stand that replicates the design of an art easel.

Best for home theatre: Samsung Q90 Series QLED Smart TV

Instead of having all the ports on the side, Samsung places all the ports on the One Connect Box, giving the TV a slim design. Not only is this premium-looking TV thin and sleek, but it also produces a bright and vibrant picture, which makes it the ideal TV for an immersive movie viewing experience.

When is the Samsung TV Singapore Promotion?

Aside from your local appliances store, Samsung televisions go on sale online at e-marketplaces including Lazada and Shopee where you can get them at a fraction of their original price. Keep your eyes peeled for 9.9, 11.11, Black Friday, and 12.12 sales for great deals on Samsung products.