Your home is the private sanctuary for you and your beloved family members, a place where you and your loved ones should feel safe and sound. Hence, proper security measures should be applied to protect your family. One of the best ways to protect your family at home is by fixing security doors. Learn more about the use of security doors and the features that they should be equipped with.


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Type of Security Doors and Features that They Should Have

Home security is essential to keep your family out of harm’s way. However, if the front and back doors of your home are not secured properly, neither will your family be safe as they will be vulnerable to crime. Singaporeans are also not exempted from crimes such as burglary and kidnapping, with crime rates continually increasing. Most burglars enter houses through a door, hence security doors should be installed to enhance home security.

Wooden Security Doors

One of the most common doors for Singaporean houses are made of wood. All wooden doors should have a solid construction made with strong and high-quality wood. The ideal wooden doors should measure at least one and three-quarters inches in thickness. These doors should also be reinforced with deadbolts and locks as extra preventive measures. You should also fix door viewers that allow you to see who is appearing on your doorstep before opening the door.

Sliding Glass Security Doors

If you have sliding glass doors at home, you should make sure that they are not easily moved off the track when in the lock position. You should equip slide-bolt locks at the bottom of the slide glass doors as an extra locking mechanism.

Otherwise, you can also fix a pin which acts as an anchor the moving door to the stationary door frame. You should carefully drill holes and install the pin angled upwards to prevent the slide doors from being shaken out of its rails. As another precaution, an anti-lift device should be installed in the top track so that assailants will not be able to try to lift and remove the glass sliding doors.

Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors are a wonderful addition to your home as they not only offer good protection and provide better ventilation. If you are looking to fix a screen door, it should offer additional security features such as ring guard for single cylinder deadlock bolt and perforated metal screen to prevent reach-through. Moreover, they should also come with steel frames that are installed using screws that cannot be removed.

French Doors

For those of you who might have French doors at home, you should also ensure that they are fixed with proper security fittings. French doors should be installed with a single cylinder deadbolt lock and metal flush bolts on the inactive side of French doors. You can also reinforce the strike plate to strengthen the doors. If you are planning to fix French doors for your home, you should look for those that have tempered or coated glass as they provide burglary-resistance glaze and extra privacy.

Besides security doors, you can also fix additional security hardware such as locks, door chains, and high-tech access systems so that your family can rest at night with peace of mind.