Whether at home or the office, your security is of utmost importance. Always be on the lookout in and out of your premises and choose the best security cameras in Singapore with tips we have below.

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Bullet Security Cameras

What to look for in a security camera in Singapore?

Singapore is a relatively safe country compared to our neighbours. This said, there is always room for improvement when talking about safety and security concerns. A few measures to take when we talk about safety include keeping our property guarded at all times, being aware of our surroundings, and installing security measures. Therefore, one of the big things we can do is to install security cameras in our homes and office areas. But how do we choose the best security cameras available? Read more to find out.

It is simple to choose security cameras in Singapore. You can start by looking online for the biggest selection. Since there are so many selections, it’s best to narrow down your options with these guidelines below. If you are looking to set up a CCTV system, then you may want to check out multiple camera selections that work in a circuit. Even then, here are some factors you can consider.

Here are some additional reasons as to why you might consider setting up security cameras in Singapore:

  • Documentation – to record any misdemeanour or crime in the vicinity
  • Record-keeping – to keep track of date and time (especially when travelling)
  • Time lapse – to view progress over a day/month/year

What and where?

It is important to know what it is you want to monitor. Determine what it is you are trying to monitor. Monitoring indoor would require a different system as compared to outdoor. How large is the space you are filming? Larger areas may need to use zooming capabilities. For smaller areas, choose a security camera that requires only one module to keep an eye out.

How do you conceal it?

Consider if you need your cameras visible or do your cameras need to be hidden? If you’re trying to catch a known thief, you might want to use an inconspicuous one. You will want to hide it. Go for dome cameras that are easily hidden from plain sight. If you want the people in the room to see that they are being monitored, use bullet cameras. Bullet cameras stand out in the area which you place them.

How many cameras do you need and what features?

How many cameras do you need? To monitor a few areas at a time, you might need a few cameras strategically set in place. What basic features you are looking for in a security camera? Some security cameras points to consider are colour and definition of the image, connection, and storage of the data, motion detection, night-vision and weather protection.