Instead of roaming your local shopping malls to look for the right clothes for yourself, SHEIN Singapore is the one-stop online shop that has everything you need in fashion. From lingerie and loungewear, swimwear, dresses, formal wear, to accessories, SHEIN brings in a plethora of trendy apparel for every fashionista around the world.

What can I buy from SHEIN? | Does SHEIN ship to Singapore? | How long does it take for SHEIN to ship to Singapore?


Hop on the Fashion Trend with SHEIN Singapore

Who says you have to spend a fortune to be stylish? When you shop on SHEIN website, you’ll be beaming with joy at the prices listed for all its products. Founded with the philosophy of making fashion accessible for everyone, SHEIN has expanded its fashion empire across the globe, with 220 countries and regions currently under its belt. Let’s find out what items you can add to your shopping bag on SHEIN!


It’s never too late to start being active and care for your physical health. Having a set of activewear can motivate you to keep working out to stay fit. Whether it is a sports bra or biker shorts with a phone pocket, you’ll have no problem finding the right sportswear that suits the nature of your workout activity.


Unleash your inner makeup guru with the diverse beauty collection offered by SHEIN. Regular visits to your manicurist are no longer necessary when you own a complete nail art brush set and miscellaneous tools. Cosplayers can also choose from various types and styles of coloured wigs, while those struggling with posture problems would appreciate SHEIN’s posture correction brace and foot arch support insoles.


Oh the ease of a dress! It’s a one-piece outfit that doesn’t require a lot of effort to put on or do outfit matching with. Floral print dress for a casual day out at the beach, or a tweed dress for a meeting with clients - SHEIN has multifarious dresses for everyone, no matter your age or body size.


While SHEIN is most widely known for women’s apparel, the fashion site also offers men’s collection. SHEIN is the perfect place for you to do gift shopping for your beau. Simply select the “Shop by Style” tab and explore their extensive selection of men’s attire. From preppy and casual to sporty and street punk - the styles are endless, and you will not leave the SHEIN site empty-handed.


Home is often equated with comfort and cosiness. SHEIN prioritises that without compromising on style. The #SHEINathome collection comprises Love to Lounge (bedding and bathroom supplies), Workout at Home, Bon Appetit (bakeware and kitchen tools), Clean It Up (cleaning tools and fixtures), and Personal Care (hair, nail, and hand & foot care).

Exclusive deals, free delivery, and free surprise gifts are awaiting at SHEIN, so go ahead and place your order now! Stay tuned to SHEIN Singapore’s 9.9 and Black Friday sales for bigger deals and amazing coupons.

Does SHEIN ship to Singapore?

Yes, SHEIN ships its products to more than 220 countries and regions worldwide, including Singapore.

How long does it take for SHEIN to ship to Singapore?

Upon placing your order on SHEIN, it will take about 1 to 3 days for processing. This will then be followed by a dispatch to a selected destination. SHEIN’s standard delivery takes approximately 15 to 16 days, while expedited shipping takes only 10 days. If you opt for express shipping, your shipping fee will be waived if the total value of items ordered is more than S$80.00.