With Shimano, you can enjoy the best cycling, fishing, and rowing gear. Dedicated to maximize your enjoyment and experience, Shimano products deliver the best performance for your needs. Now, all you need to do is to focus and enjoy. Read more about Shimano in Singapore below to find out.


Popular Products Every Cyclist Must Get from Shimano Singapore

Shimano is the go-to brand if you want to take cycling experience to the next level. Aside from its high-quality bicycle components, Shimano clothing is expertly designed to help cyclists achieve their maximum potential and enjoyment. Since Shimano SG develops a wide range of exceptional products, it can be overwhelming to decide which product you should buy. Thankfully, here is a list of the most popular Shimano products every cyclist must get to enjoy a complete cycling experience.

Shimano CE-S71R Cycling Sunglasses

While cycling sunglasses do not have to be a fashion statement, they are expected to do their job every time you wear them. Classic, functional, and reliable, ShimanoCE-S71R cycling sunglasses are built to protect your eyes. They also give wide-angle vision and features you will directly benefit from on the bike.

When you are out on the roads, you will be peering through Shimano CE-S71R's interchangeable polycarbonate lenses. They have an anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment to ready them for humid days and ill-intentioned road debris while full UV400 protection saves your eyes on the brightest days. Even when you are dripping sweat or riding through rain, the lenses' hydrophilic coating will help shed water to keep the glasses' wide field of vision clear.

The frames themselves are made with lightweight, durable Grillamid, CNC-molded for a precise fit that you can further fine-tune by swapping the reversible nose piece. On the ends of the temples, Shimano adds non-toxic TPE tips to make sure you do not spend the majority of your ride constantly pushing your sunglasses back into place. Shimano CE-S71R cycling sunglasses enable you to focus on cycling without any fears or worries.

Shimano CM-2000 Sport Camera

The new Shimano CM-2000 sports camera is designed to capture the most exciting scenes with automatic data-linked recording. It performs auto-recording via ANT+, works with your bike computer and sensors such as a power meter, heart rate strap, cadence sensor or speed sensor to detect when you are moving quickly or working hard. The flagship Shimano sports camera can also be activated via smartphone GPS (paired via Bluetooth connection). If you are riding without a bike computer, you can still configure it to do auto-recording manually. You can set it to start its auto-recording once you are at a certain heartbeat or speed. According to Shimano, you will be able to auto-record without any hassle; Shimano CM-2000 is simple to use and operate.

Waterproof down to 10m, the durable Shimano CM-2000 boasts a water-repellent finish to help disperse rain off the camera body. It is also dust-proof without requiring any external cases. This Shimano sports camera features the impressive image stabilizer that works effectively. In terms of performance, it can record at 1440p at 30 frames per second. Shimano CM-2000 can be tuned to allow its users to record at locations and times of the day with low amounts of light, such as dusk, or a forest road with lots of overhead covers.

You can take advantage of the latest editing suite for Shimano CM-2000 to edit your footage with precision and ease. This allows you to overlay your riding data (collected via ANT+) over the top of your footage. There is also a smartphone app that is compatible with Shimano CM-2000 sports camera. It enables you to access a live view of what their camera is seeing, control up to five cameras, and overlay ANT+ sensor data. This smartphone app also allows you to tweak settings like image quality, viewing angle (including a narrow 90° field, standard 120° and wide 130° field), white balance and exposure. With a WiFi connection, you can even watch your recorded video via the smartphone app. Since it incorporates sensible features that enhance your cycling experience, Shimano CM-2000 offers exciting abilities to take your cycling footage to the next level.

Shimano RC9S-PhyreSPD-SL Road Cycling Shoes

Maximizing power transmission by delivering more performance per gram, Shimano RC9S-PhyreSPD-SL road cycling shoes are a wonderful pair of racing footwear. As the upper of the shoe is made from Teijin Avail microfiber synthetic leather, it is ultra-light and conforms well to your foot shape. There is an instep wedge under the insole and you adjust the height with the supplied heights. Otherwise, you can take them out entirely. The upper is a close fit but it is made comfortable without any pressure points. If you want to make them tight, the dual Boa closure makes it easier to secure them. Taking them off is an effortless task with it.

In terms of breathability, there are perforations for ventilation, a mesh section in the toebox, and a vent in the sole that work well to offer a greater level of comfort. Since they are system socks, they combine thermoregulation, comfort, ankle roll stability, and heel slip-resistance with an extra-tall cuff. Thanks to their asymmetrical structure, it provides guide rails for proper foot alignment through the entire 360-degree crank rotation. As one of the best performance-oriented road cycling shoes, Shimano RC9S-PhyreSPD-SL road cycling shoes offer the right combination of power and precision.

What is the hierarchy of Shimano components?

  • Shimano Claris - entry-level bikes with 8 speed and come in all kinds of configurations including compact and triple options
  • Shimano Sora - 9-speed system with dual control, comes in either a compact or triple-chainring configuration. Lever reach can be adjusted with extra spacers.
  • Shimano Tiagra - available in 8, 9 and 10 speed; choose from double, triple and compact options; suitable for entry-level bikers, highly durable
  • Shimano 105 - popular among bikers for its quality, weight and longevity combined; 10-speed can be coupled with a double, compact or triple chainring, most affordable performance-focused groupset
  • Shimano Ultegra - more refined than Shimano 105, more lightweight, comes with more durable coatings, an 11-speed cassette that accommodates sportive or cyclocross very well
  • Shimano Dura-Ace - equipped with improved shifting, has the lightest Shimano components, delivers comfort to the rider thanks to ergonomic shaping

What is Shimano Hyperglide?

Shimano Hyperglide is engineered to keep the chain interlocked with both cogs when shifting from one gear to the next, resulting in lighter and smoother gear changes regardless of the pedal load. This premium quality re-engineered system comprises extended inner link plates in the chain that serve to form a solid connection between the chain and cassette gear teeth. Chain vibration is less prominent with Shimano Hyperglide; better chain engagement, stronger retention, and more efficient pedalling are the major boons to those pursuing the best bike performance.

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