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Shiseido WHITE LUCENT Brightening Protective Emulsion W SPF15 is a brightening daytime moisturizer developed with a focus on environmental stressors such as UV rays air pollution and dryness to provide comprehensive protection.
WHITE LUCENT BRIGHTENING BALANCING SOFTENER W - 150ML ft. in Her World Beauty Awards 2011 (Reader's Choice for Whitening Toner/ Softener) An enriche
WHITE LUCENT BRIGHTENING MASSAGE CREAM - 80ML An exceptional brightening cream that works with the power of massage to create a luminous glow Helps
WHITE LUCENT TOTAL BRIGHTENING SERUM - 30ML ft. in Her World Beauty Awards 2015 (Editor's Choice for Brightening Serum) A high-performance brighteni
WHITE LUCENT POWER BRIGHTENING MASK - 27ML X 6 SHEETS ft. in Her World Beauty Awards 2014 (Reader's Choice for Brightening Mask) & Total Beauty Award
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