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Looking for quality shoe accessories in Singapore? You’ve come to the right place. At iprice, you could get the best in shoe accessories for any activity. Find out more here or browse the product selection below.

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Scholl Odour Control Insoles 1 Pair
S$ 12.80 S$ 13.40

Scholl Odour Control Insole Scholl Odour Control Insoles are the most effective odour fighting insoles available, and are scientifically proven with 50% more odour control strength than other leading insoles. Instantly destroys all foot and shoes odour for immediate and long lasting protection. Active Odour Neutralizer - a concentrated layer of ultra effective activated charcoal to neutralize foot and shoes odour. Proven Anti-bacterial & Antifungal Agents - destroy odour causing bacteria. Absorb perspiration for all day freshness. Made with durable foam for long lasting comfort and protection. Continue to work even when footwear is not being worn. Scientifically tested For everyday and sports shoes.1 pair unisex cut to size insoles. One size fits all- cut to size. For optimum fit and comfort, trim to size following the printed shoe size guidelines on the base of the insoles: G= Men, W= Women. Do not cut insole too small. Insert into shoes, with printed side down. 100 years ago, Dr Scholl travelled around the world, showing people how it felt to have comfortable, loved feet. The truth is, when it comes to your feet, a little bit of effort makes a pretty big difference. When your feet are well cared for and look great, everything feels better and they never hold you back. Reconnect with your feet. Take time out to care for them. You don't know how good it can be until you've tried it. With great looking feet comes great feeling, you'll love every step you take with them. Proven with 50% more odour control strength than other leading insoles. Instantly destroys all foot and shoes odour Immediate and long lasting protection. Proven Anti-bacterial & Antifungal Agents destroy odour causing bacteria. Continues to work even when footwear is not being worn. Official authorised merchant.

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Scholl GelActiv Insoles For Female - Flat Shoes S$ 20.00 Shopee
Scholl GelActiv Insoles - Sports Female S$ 23.70 Shopee
Scholl GelActiv Insoles - Sports Male S$ 23.70 Shopee
Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Heel Cushions S$ 14.70 Shopee
Scholl Party Feet Gel Heel Shields S$ 11.80 Shopee
Scholl GelActiv Insoles Work Male S$ 23.70 Shopee
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jason markk Shoe Cleaning Kit S$ 26.00 Shopee
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-5% Scholl Heel Cushions

Available in Shopee S$ 10.00 S$ 9.50 Go to Shop

Shoe accessories in Singapore

Are you into shoe customizations? Do you love pimping up your shoes for sports, dance or just for fun? Well, you’re in luck! There are thousands of products available in Singapore to give you awesome ideas on how to DIY custom your shoes or add modifications to your footwear so that you can perform like a boss. Enter iprice’s shoe accessories – a myriad of shoe products that cater to your preference. Choose from hundreds of sport shoe accessories, hiking accessories, shoe fashion add-ons and even padding for soles to keep you comfy. Check out iprice’s selection of shoe accessories in Singapore above or find out more with the links below.

Shoe accessories for sports

Biking & cycling

When we talk about shoe accessories for sports, two sports that will always need accessories are biking and cycling. Most bikers won’t consider biking as a sport so much as a lifestyle. Safety is utmost when riding a bike as the rider is exposed to all the elements on the road. Some of the best shoe accessories for biking and cycling are:

  • Motorcycle shoe covers
  • Cycling shoe covers
  • Multicolor road cycling shoe covers
  • Non-slip shoe covers with grip
  • Crampons

Shoe accessories for weather

Rain and other elements of weather can sometimes hinder us from keeping dry. In order to keep our feet dry, we need to protect our shoes from water and rain. The right shoe covers will help you do just that. A neat hack you could try out would be to purchase disposable shoe covers to protect your shoes from the elements. You could save lots of money buying in bulk.

In the event your shoes are soaked in the rain, go for the accessories such as portable shoe heaters to dry off your boots and other footwear. Bring it along wherever you go so that you have a backup in case of emergencies. There are also multiple shoe disinfectants that you could consider getting.

Shoe accessories for added comfort

Comfort is one of the prime factors when choosing a shoe. As time passes, our shoes get worn out with every wear. This may cause the shoe to lose padding and may start to exert unnecessary pressure on our feet. Thankfully, there are shoe paddings we can add to our footwear to minimize the pain and maximise comfort. For the ladies, take comfort in some padding products for high heels to give your feet a rest. Some examples of padding for footwear include:

  • HKS Back Heel Shoe Pad Cushion
  • Silicone Front Foot Protectors
  • High Heel Slip Resistant Shoes Insole
  • Jetting Buy - High Heel Silicone Gel Cushion Insole

Shoe accessories for style

Here comes the fun part! Shopping for shoe accessories in Singapore is super fun. Some of the styling accessories for footwear include products such as light-up shoelaces, multi-coloured shoe laces, LED lights for shoes and cosplay shoe accessories.

So where can you go for the best in shoe accessories in Singapore? Right here on iprice of course! Find the best shoe accessories in Singapore and more on iprice. You may also want to check out gender specific accessories in shoe accessories for men and shoe accessories for women. Shop online today for shoe accessories and save big bucks. Happy shopping!