Boat shoes sport a casual yet classy feel to them, making them a fashion item that can complement any style. Boat shoes can be found easily in Singapore in all shapes and colours. Find out more boat shoes below.

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What You Should Know About Boat Shoes

Boat shoes, so aptly named due to their nature of being worn by sailors and boaters are coming back in fashion. If you are looking for shoes that can offer both comfort and style, then boat shoes are the perfect footwear for you. From classy leather to soft canvas material, boat shoes can be worn for work and play. Relaxed and easy going, boat shoes can be worn without socks, but if you feel uncomfortable, you can wear them with a pair of heel socks underneath. Whatever your preference, you will be able to find what you need with the right boat shoes.

Boat shoes were first created by Paul Sperry, the maker of the first boat shoe. Being a sailor himself, he realised the need for comfortable at practical shoes when setting sail on a boat. Hence, Sperry added extra support and grip to normal shoes to make it suitable to move on boats and yachts due to the slippery surfaces.

Characteristics of Boat Shoes

There are certain signature features of boat shoes that enables you to identify them easily. Firstly, boat shoes are typically made from leather and are usually available in darker colours such as brown, black, and navy blue. These colours mean that they can match a wide selection of outfits and fashion styles.

Furthermore, the top half of the shoes are coated with waterproof material so that they will not absorb any water and make them smell and uncomfortable to wear. Hence, boat shoes are ideal for individuals working in the marine industry as well as Singaporeans because we live in a country where it is always humid and constantly rains. Another characteristic is that the fabric is hand-sewn into the soles with precision and the front of the shoe has a Moc-toe shape. Boat shoes will also feature a herringbone pattern at the bottom of the soles. The heel cups will absorb shock and pressure from the wearer.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Boat Shoes

There are a few things that you need to think about when choosing boat shoes. These factors include:

A Good Sole

Your boat shoes should have a sole that will not cause you from slipping or falling. Boat shoes with rubber soles help to keep you from unintentional slipping while you walk on slippery surfaces. You should also check if the shoe’s sole has “siping”. “Siping” is a classic, wave-like pattern of grooves that are impressed into the rubber sole. This pattern was originally created to grip the boat deck and push the water out. Some shoes offer a variation of this design and feature “molded siping”, a pattern of raised rubber mounds and grooves that drain water.

Comfort and Dryness

Besides sturdy soles, boat shoes should also have upper parts made from materials that can wick to keep the foot as dry as possible. Although leather uppers are preferred by many, they are not as quick drying as other synthetic materials. You should also choose a pair that has removable insoles which allow the shoes to dry faster when taken out.

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