There are various factors to consider when looking at health and safety gear. For people working on a construction site or in a physically demanding environment, taking care of yourself and your team is very important. Safety is a major concern, especially when working with weighty machinery, using power tools, and cutting heavy-duty materials. As part of many safety protocols, safety footwear made from metal or steel is important. If you are in this profession, be sure to grab your own pair that will provide safety and comfort while you work. Check out great options of safety shoes and other products made from metal, steel, and more - not only for men but also for women.

Why are safety shoes important? | What is the best brand of safety shoes?


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How to Choose Right Safety Shoe for Different Professions

When deciding which safety shoes & boots are going to be the best for you should take into consideration the nature of your job, how often you will be wearing them & for how long, and if you have a uniform dress code to adhere to. Let’s take a look at which style of safety shoes & boots are suitable for different professions.

Composite Safety Shoes & Boots

Composite toe safety shoes & boots are similar to steel toe cap boots but are made of a ‘composite’ material. This style meets the same ANSI standards as a steel toe cap boot. The composite material used in place of steel is often created using a combination of plastic, carbon fibre, and Kevlar aramid fibre. This type of shoe provides the same safety as steel-toed safety footwear yet are slightly more lightweight.

Metatarsal Safety Shoes

Metatarsal safety shoes & boots often look similar to steel-toe cap boots and a composite safety shoe; however, they also include a protective plate covering the foot’s metatarsal area. It’s the upper area of the foot between the bottom of the skin and the toes. Some styles will display this protective plate above the tongue, and some will be placed inside.

Protection Ratings

When you’re searching for safety shoes, you’re likely to see protection ratings being applied. Here are the ratings and what they mean:


Safety Factor


Safety basic - toe protection


Antistatic, oil-resistant & energy absorption


Prevents water penetration


Midsole penetration resistance




Leak-proof with midsole penetration resistance

Why are safety shoes important?

Safety shoes are important because it provides an encasing for your foot from any sudden trauma or punctures from heavy machinery or construction materials. A safety shoe often has a toe cap made from metal and a thick midsole (often slip-resistant) that not only provides safety from above but so is from below.

If your job role falls within one of these categories, then this should help you speed up the selection process:

Truck Drivers

If there is a good level of goods movement involved in your driving role, perhaps the use of a forklift or pallet truck, then opt for a steel/composite toe cap style to prevent heavy objects landing/rolling over the toes. This is the basic level of protection you should choose, with the metatarsal safety boot providing extra protection. A boot will be preferential to a shoe as it will provide extra ankle protection. This recommendation of safety boot is the same for all driving roles.


You will need toe protection at the very minimum for any role in construction sites. Moving heavy materials daily and being located on a worksite makes you vulnerable to a huge number of potential accidents. If you can, do opt for the metatarsal safety shoe to protect the upper portion of your foot. Avoid safe shoes, and select safety boots as this will provide the most protection to the ankle and leg. This style is also the optimum safety option for mechanics.


If you’re working with electrics in any form, you should choose the ESD safety shoe. Reducing the risk of igniting flammable materials and preventing damage to electrical products is vital. If you spend much of your day mobile, then a shoe may be a better option, but if you’re around heavy machinery or stationary, then a boot is the recommended safety choice for electrical work.


It’s vital that you protect your toes with a steel/composite toe cap safety boot. If your role involves the moving of heavy objects (roof tiles, etc.), then you should consider the metatarsal safety boot option to ensure maximum protection at all times.

What is the best brand of safety shoes?

Safety shoes come in many shapes and sizes. If you're looking for a good quality safety shoe, here are some great recommendations:

  • Allen Cooper
  • Bata
  • Hillson Beston
  • Tiger Men's
  • King's
  • Neosafe
  • Karam