Gladiator sandals are popular types of footwear in Singapore. If you are looking for a well-made pair, here is a guide to get you started. You can also check out the latest gladiator sandals from the biggest brands below.


Your Guide to Buying Sandals in Singapore

Sandals have been around for thousands of years, from the days of Roman poets to the modern day. With such a long existence, no doubt there is a vast selection of sandals available for both men and women. If you are in the market for one, here is a guide that lists down the different types of sandals and the things you need to consider when buying a pair.

Types of Sandals

Unlike other footwear, sandals are different since they have a support around the back of the ankle, making them stay in place on your feet much better. Other variants of sandals do not have support around the back for the ankle but have one over the top of the ankle to help them stay in place. Support is an important aspect when selecting sandals as it can be used for activities like hiking or water sports, where other footwear like flip flops would come loose.

There are three different kinds of sandals that are designed for various activities.

Gladiator Sandals

Typically made of leather, gladiator sandals in Singapore are one of the oldest types of sandals. They feature a design that provides a lot of coverage for your feet. They also come with an open design to let water flow out of the footwear. The distinguishing feature of these sandals is a center strap running up the foot from the toe. This is attached with side straps found at intervals to the sole of the sandal. Along with a strap around the back of the ankle, these sandals stay in place on your feet nicely. Since most of these sandals are made of leather, there are limited color options.

Sport Sandals

Sports sandals in Singapore have many different variants. There are some models that are designed for hiking, in turn, sporting rugged tread patterns. Others have designs that are made for water activities like kayaking or rafting. For this reason, these sandals have waterproofing features.

Aside from waterproof sandals, there are also sandals made for sports like golf. They come with a unified design, featuring a strap over the toes and another one that goes behind the ankle and closes on top of the foot. Sports sandals are typically brightly colored and are designed to be comfortable.

Dress Sandals

Although sandals are not the ideal footwear in formal settings, wearing dress sandals have been considered acceptable in social gatherings. This is because they resemble formal shoes with openings for toes and heels.

Important Things to Consider

Purchasing sandals in Singapore is fairly easy as there are many options to choose from, found in many shoe stores as well as in online markets. When buying a pair of this footwear, make sure you select one that fits well and is comfortable. Of course, the last thing you would want to happen is to buy a pair that ends up irritating your feet.

Aside from gladiator sandals, you might also want to check out these durable platform sandals.

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