Hold up; we’re not talking about that kind of thong. Thong sandals refer to open toed shoes with a series of intricate strings along the middle and sometimes around the ankles. If you want to learn more about thong sandals and its wonderful varieties, read all about it here.


What You Should Know About Thong Sandals in Singapore

Thong sandals, or thong shoes, have been worn by people of all classes since ancient civilizations. Think back to what the ancient Greek or Roman used to wear. It is likely that they wore a version of thong sandals on the daily embellished with ancient designs to cater to their needs at the time. Now, thong sandals have become more than just what classic philosophers or gladiators wore.

Why Wear Thong Sandals

Thong sandals are practical, lightweight, airy, and stylish at the same time. If you’re rushing to class or to work in the morning, putting on socks and tying up sneakers can take more time than just sliding your feet into a pair of thong sandals. During the summer time when it’s hot and humid, wearing closed-toe shoes can be a torture; go easy on yourself and let your feet feel the breeze by wearing thong sandals.

Best-Selling Brands of Thong Sandals


Birkenstocks are known for their cork foot bed. This means that the sole will follow the wearer’s foot shape the more they wear it. So, as time goes by, your pair of Birkenstock sandals will become more comfortable. The most popular design from Birkenstock is the thong sandals. Although they don’t have an ankle strap, the design of the Birkenstock thong will guarantee the utmost comfort.

Fit Flop

Fit Flop mainly carries ergonomic sandals with soft rubber soles. They give you ample of cushions and are extremely beneficial to those who experience overpronation or underpronation. Fit Flop sandals are available in many styles but just like the Birkenstocks, their thong sandals are their best-selling products. Perhaps this is due to the simplicity and practicality of the thong sandals.


Nike is not only known for its sports shoes and sneakers. They also have thong sandals and sliders for a more chic casual look. Some are even released as a part of their special collection like the Air Jordan sliders, featuring the iconic Jordan logo on the side. Wear it with your jeans, sweatpants, legging, and with or without socks, no matter how you style it, you can always pull off the Nike thong sandals.

Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti is a more high-end brand when compared to the other three. As an upscale Italian luxury brand, believe that Giuseppe Zanotti will deliver the best footwear in town, and that’s including their thong sandals. While many opt for their high heel pumps or stilettos, Giuseppe Zanotti has a series of stylish and trendy thong sandals, either with short, square heels or without any platforms. Many of Giuseppe Zanotti thong sandals are embellished with crystal or faux glass decorations in the shape of flowers, plants, and more.

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