Sneakers are the epitome of casual footwear. Relaxed and easy, sneakers cater to sporty, chilled-out look. The search for the perfect sneaker starts right here. Find out more about sneakers in Singapore below.


Fun Facts about Sneakers for Men and Women

Sneakers, a synonym for athletic shoes, is a soft shoe with a rubber sole worn for sports or casual occasions. The word “sneaker” was created by Henry Nelson McKinney, an advertising agency because they were so quiet, a person wearing them could sneak up on someone without them knowing. Let’s look at some sneaker trends for men and women in Singapore along with fun facts about our favourite (or soon to be favourite) type of shoe.

Sneakers for Men

Those dress shoes making you look too formal during the week? Dress down with the right pair of sneakers for men. Soft canvas soles that wrap around your heels give you the comfort no dress shoe could match. Get the Swag look that gives you a younger feel to your image. Perfect to be worn with shorts, jeans or khaki pants; sneakers come in all shapes and sizes.

Sneakers for Women

Care about the future of your feet? If you love shoes and you love comfort, swap your sky-high stilettos for a pair of sneakers. There is nothing more comfortable than a brand new pair of sneakers that is proven to be one of the most popular types of shoes in the world. Taking casual looks to a whole new level, sneakers are the ultimate choice of footwear when it comes to comfort, functionality and without forgetting style. Look out for the most comfortable sneakers for women.

Some Fun Facts about Sneakers

If you think you know everything about sneakers, now is the time to think again. Here are 6 fun facts about sneakers that might have just slipped through your memories

  1. When it comes to sneakers, no other brand can do it like Nike. Dominating the sneakers market, Nike sales shot up to the sky when Michael Jordan signed a contract with Nike to wear Air Jordan, the most famous shoes ever made in the century. Even after retiring from the NBA, the Air Jordan continues to gain popularity up to today.
  2. Never did it ever occur to an Indiana hoops star named Charles H or also known as Chuck Taylor that he would one day be known worldwide thanks to his endorsement with Converse. First marketed in 1917, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars are the best-selling sneakers with sales nearing a billion pair.
  3. In the prisons in New York, Nike Air or similar sneakers are forbidden to be worn by prisoners because razors, drugs or any other small weapon can be stored in the hollowed-out sole of the air bubble. But amazingly, prisoners can wear the Converse Weapons for they can’t be used to store any weapon in any way.
  4. Before customisation was a mainstream trend, Vans already started offering their customers custom sneakers way back in March 1966. The founder, Paul Van Doren, believed in selling shoes directly to their customers and allowed them to bring their favourite fabric to the factory to make them into shoes.
  5. Any individual whose life revolves around sneakers knows and owns everything sneakers are known as “sneakerheads”. They are sneaker obsessed people who own limited-edition kicks, buy and sell them at prices in thousands and all with their own hard-earned money.
  6. The integration of microchip into the design of sneakers was first made possible by Adidas with its Adidas Micropacer. The sneakers featured a built-in computer display that enables athletes or sports players to keep track of their burned calories and pace.

Now that you know more about sneakers, why not bring a pair home? Check out the selection above and experience the trend for yourself.

Are sneakers cheaper in Singapore?

While sneakers may not be necessarily cheaper in Singapore than other countries, there’s a high chance that you can come across sneakers sold at discounted prices when you shop online. This is where iPrice Singapore comes into play when you’re comparing different prices of certain products sold on various websites. We present to you a diverse range of sneakers at their best price, so don’t miss out on the latest sales, discounts, and deals when you shop with iPrice SG!

Where can I sell sneakers in Singapore?

If you’ve invested in a good pair of valuable sneakers and plan to sell them for a higher return, international e-marketplaces such as eBay, StockX, Stadium Goods, and Fight Club are great platforms for the resale of sneakers. In terms of the local market, Carousell can also help attract interested sneaker buyers in the country.

Where can I buy sneakers online in Singapore?

In Singapore, the best websites to buy sneakers include Farfetch, LazMall by Lazada, Amazon, Mr Porter, Nike SG, Zalora, and YOOX. Shop the latest sneakers from famous casual footwear brands like Adidas SG, New Balance, Onitsuka Tiger, Skechers, Puma; or luxury brands such as Gucci, Dior, Golden Goose, Balenciaga, and many more!