Trainers or training shoes are footwear that you can wear for any strenuous activities to protect your feet while providing support. Browse through the wide range of trainers here below!

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Trainers In Singapore

What are trainers? Obviously, you will not be getting your expected result if you omit the "s" in the word, "trainers". However, like the trainer who trains athletes, trainers or training shoes are specialised footwear that you can wear for any strenuous or athletic activities. Not only, your daily routine activities such as weight-training, aerobics, kick-boxing or any exercise on a hard surface that involves side-to-side movement definitely requires a pair of trainers so that you can perform well without any injuries or worries.

Why Do You Need To Wear Trainers - Trainers Singapore

Just a few steps away from a better and energetic workout, trainers are a pair of shoes that are geared towards your daily routine and body. Designed to play multiple roles, they are a category of footwear that provides protection for a variety of fitness activities. In addition, the trainers or training shoes actually provide cushioning and various levels of support and stability devices to protect your feet and ankles. In other words, the trainers are really what we call as jack of all trades as they work well in a variety of activities while not being specialised in a particular sport. Not only that, the heavier weight of trainers means that your trainers are tougher and allows for better control to support later movements.

Choosing Your Trainers - Trainers Singapore

When you are getting your trainers, the obvious thing is getting the right and comfortable fit that you can wear. If you are playing sports in a court, it is important to get a non-marking outsoles because some gyms and courts may not allow you to enter unless you wear non-marking trainers that do not leave damaging marks to the floors. Generally, it is better to get trainers with removable footbeds that enable you to insert a more supportive insole or custom orthotics for a more pleasant experience. Moreover, you have to consider at the materials used in making the upper part of your trainers; mesh uppers allow better air flow and breathability but leather uppers are more durable than synthetics.

The Difference Between Trainers & Other Shoes - Trainers Singapore

Trainers vs Sneakers - In the first glance, both trainers and sneakers are actually often thought to be the same; they are the shoes that you bring for any strenuous workout. However, this is not really the case now as both trainers and sneakers are actually just denote different types of athletic shoes. Usually, a canvas-top athletic shoes will be identified as a pair of sneakers while the designs and looks of a shoes that are specialised towards aerobics, weigh-lifting and others will be identified as trainers. Generally, the sneakers boast more varied looks, designs and styles that you can easily wear to walk casually in parks, malls, garden and others but the trainers are pretty specific about performance and prowess.

Trainers vs Running Shoes - The difference between trainers and running shoes maybe obvious as one can easily read from the product description. Outwardly though, trainers and running shoes can be tricky to be distinguish unless you are really a seasoned athlete or a regular gym junkie. This can be explained because both trainers and running shoes are obviously designed and geared more towards performance and prowess. Despite this similarity in performance-oriented designs for both trainers and running shoes, the trainers can be described as a generalist as it can be used for any kind of strenuous activities while running shoes are designed to boost your performance while protecting your feet during running.

Top Trainers Brands - Trainers Singapore

There will be many brands that will be competing for your attention. We have made a great list of top trainers brands that will help you to get your own trainers:

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Reebok

Grab Your Trainers & Exercise Now - Trainers Singapore

So, what are you waiting for? Get your trainers and let the adrenaline gets you pumped up for an adventure of high intensity workout or slow, rhythmic walking.

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