Sigma Singapore offers its wide array of products from makeup kits, brushes, and different types of cosmetics, so that you can be fabulous wherever you may go! Take a look at the best selection of Sigma Beauty products below or click here to know more about the brand.

Sigma Beauty Makeup Products

Sigma Beauty Singapore - Enhancing the Art of Makeup

With their motto “Innovating Beauty”, Sigma Beauty Singapore provides the best and the hottest makeup kits from brushes down to cosmetic products. The brand vows to enhance the art of makeup, delivering not only excellent quality products, but also developing new patents that would improve their line of cosmetics. Among their most popular merchandise include their wide array of Sigma brushes that helps blend, contour, conceal or highlight your features. Sigma Beauty Singapore provides their customers with exciting products that would help you boost your confidence.

About Sigma Beauty Singapore

Sigma Beauty was first founded by civil engineer Rene Xavier Filho and microbiologist Simone Xavier in 2009. Because of its innovative approach to cosmetics, Sigma Beauty quickly grew into an international entity as an e-commerce store for cosmetics. In December 2012, the brand first opened its store in the Mall of America in Minnesota - the largest mall in the United States. Today, Sigma Beauty continues to innovate the cosmetic industry with cutting-edge designs and exciting patents that would improve the way we put on makeup.

With Sigma beauty, product development is greatly influenced by the founders’ backgrounds. Thorough research, engineering, and clinical testing are made to ensure that all products are safe for human consumption and application. What makes them different from other cosmetic companies is their dedication to quality and function, making them an excellent cosmetic brand and a choice for many beauty enthusiasts and professionals around the world.

Gorgeous Beauty Products from Sigma Beauty Singapore

With a mission to provide the latest innovations to beauty enthusiasts from different types of sigma brushes, cosmetics, and other makeup accessories, Sigma Beauty strives to help you achieve your makeup goals. With these epic array of products, beauty is just a few brush strokes away from becoming true art.

Sigma Makeup Brushes

Sigma brushes are the brand’s msot popular products. Either to blend, contour, conceal, or highlight your features, Sigma brushes evenly applies cosmetics to create that fine finish. The brand features exciting designs in different brushes for your lips, eyes, face, brows, and body in sets. Sigma brushes are more than just a beauty tool, it is a piece of technology which has been developed for maximum application. From the wooden handle down to the last fiber, much attention has been focused on creating the best beauty brush you could ever own.

Sigma Beauty Cosmetics

Sigma Beauty gives each and every woman the opportunity to look good and feel good with their excellent quality and affordable cosmetics. Your face, brows, lips, and eyes will never look as glowing with Sigma Beauty cosmetics. The brand offers a wide array of hues, tones, and colors that would suit your skin tone whether you are pale or ebony. With Sigma Beauty cosmetics, you can look your best and be confident wherever you may go.

Sigma Beauty Makeup accessories

To maintain its function, Sigma Beauty has also developed accessories that would enable you to take care of your brushes and cosmetics. Keep your brushes clean and ready for use with Sigma Beauty’s excellent array of makeup accessories such as brush cleaners, cleaning mats, brush cups and cases. With the help of these accessories, you can easily take care of your Sigma brushes and make them last for years.

Make up must-haves that you should have in your bag

Sigma Beauty Singapore provides beauty enthusiasts with exciting products that would make you more beautiful than ever. Here are some beauty must-haves from Sigma Beauty that you should always have in your bag:

  • Lipstick and lip care. Sigma Beauty has a great selection of lipstick and lip care products such as lipgloss and lip liners. In addition, Sigma Beauty has also developed color-shifting lipgloss which changes color depending on your skin tone. With tons of great lip products to choose from, Sigma Beauty brings back beauty to your chapped lips with the hottest shades in town!
  • Foundations and concealers. With foundations and concealers, you can choose which features to hide and highlight. Sigma has a range of face products such as highlighters, bronzers and shimmer creams to give you that strong, natural finish in light, medium or heavy coverage.
  • Eyebrow pencil. Give definition to your brows and help frame your face with a simple stroke of an eyebrow pencil. Sigma gives you a range of eyebrow products that would help define your brows such as tweezers, brow powders, wax and so much more!
  • Eyeliner and mascara. If you want a set of captivating eyes, then an eyeliner and a mascara would do the trick! Check out Sigma Beauty’s excellent selection of eye makeup from eye shadows, liners, base, and so much more!
  • Brushes and applicators. You don’t rely on your fingers to apply your makeup! With the help of Sigma brushes and applicators, you can evenly spread your foundations, concealers, lipstick, etc with no hassle. Sigma Beauty has a selection of brushes that would give you the result you are trying to achieve.

Putting on makeup is not something that women should be shamed and be ashamed of doing. It is an art which helps boost confidence so that you can look your best. Sigma Beauty gives you the opportunity to embrace your feminine side with the hottest cosmetics and accessories online. Click here to find the perfect product for you or browse through different products from concealers, mascaras, lipsticks, lipgloss and so much more!