As parents, you want what is best for your baby. Show and shower them with your love from clothing, baby bottles, health care, and hygiene with Simba Singapore. Giving you the best baby products, Simba offers hypoallergenic and delicate items that would suit your baby’s needs. Scroll down below for the hottest products from Simba or click here to know more about the brand.

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Enjoy Parenthood with Simba Singapore

Choosing products for your baby can be a little bit difficult especially for new parents. Babies can be sensitive to a lot of things that is why you need to choose the best brand of products that would suit your baby’s needs. Brands like Simba Singapore guarantees top quality products that would help you enjoy parenthood and make more memories with your baby.

Simba Singapore- the beginning

When it comes to baby products, Simba Singapore has you covered with their vast array of items that would help you take care of your baby. From feeding and nursing bottles, garnents, beddings, health care, hygeine and cleaning, Simba gives you a wide assortment of items to make parenting fun and more memorable. Simba was established by Want Te-Tun - the president of Sonison Baby Products Co. Ltd., with a penchant for providing and developing innovative baby care products. The name “Simba” is Swahili meaning “lion”, which embody the brand’s nobility and vitality. The lion also represents goodwill and fortune in the Chinese culture as well as a guardian symbol. With their exciting array of baby products, Simba hopes to transmit the brand’s good meaning and sweetness.

About Sonison Baby Products Limited

Behind Simba’s first-rate products is Sonison Baby Products Co. Ltd. A Taiwan excellence award winner, Sonison is an experienced manufacturer and designer of baby products. Established in 1993, the company continues to innovate their products by prioritizing safety and listening to their customers. To further revolutionize the industry, Sonison collaborates with doctors and baby care experts to further improve their products. On top of that, Sonison also has a global presence in North and South America, and Asia, creating products that would suit the needs of each market. Today, the company continues to innovate their products, not only improving parenthood and baby care but also the quality of life.

Baby products from Simba Singapore

If you are looking for a top quality brand you can trust, then Simba Singapore is for you. Creating products that would suit you and your baby’s needs, Simba ensures saftety and satisfaction. Feeding and nursing bottles, garments, beddings, small toys, mosquito repellants, etc., are just some of the many products that you can get from Simba. Take care of your baby and enjoy parenthood with Simba Singapore!

Baby feeding and nursing

Perhaps one of the most important baby product every parent should have for their baby, baby feeding and nursing is more than just your traditional baby bottles. Depending on the needs of your baby, you should also have bibs, milk containers, and breast pumps if necessary. Your baby’s nutrition depends on these products so make sure that you pick up Simba’s excellent line of bottles, teats, and other accessories!

Garments and Bedding

Infants less than one year old have the tendency to sleep for long periods of time, with that, a good bedding for your baby is important. It helps your child sleep comfortably which assists their growth and development. Keep them cute and comfortable with Simba’s line of garments and beddings from bath towels, pillows, newborn garments, mittens and booties, and pillows; made from 100% cotton and organic products.

Health care and hygiene

Nothing is more important than your baby’s health and hygiene. Keep a clean environment and teach your kids to keep it that way with Simba’s creative line of health care and hygeine products. You can choose from their selection of face masks, handkerchiefs, nail clippers, toothbrushes, potties and so much more! The best thing about Simba’s health care and hygiene products for babies is that it makes it more enjoyable for them through its adorable designs and decals. Fun and functional, you will never have a hard time with your infant’s health and hygiene.


One aspect about baby care is cleaning after your baby, and the best way to do that is with Simba’s excellent array of cleaning products for baby bottles and other essentials. The brand boasts its selection of high quality pot cleaners, cleansers, brushes, sponges, sterilizers, and dryers to keep bacteria from building up on your baby bottles, bowls, teats, etc. Not only does cleaning keep your baby safe from germs and other bacteria, it also keeps your baby bottles in pristine condition.

Shop for Simba products online

Simba Singapore is one of Taiwan’s top brands in baby care products. This award-winning brand boasts its wide selection of baby products from baby bottles, teats, beddings, garments, toothbrushes, bottle cleaners and cleansers, sterilizers, and so much more! When it comes to your baby, trust only Simba. Check out our selection of Simba products online here!