Giving your loved ones special gifts doesn’t always have to be a struggle. SK Jewellery in Singapore carries an array of jewellery perfect to be gifted to your friends and family. Find out more about SK jewellery below.

What is SK Gold? | What is a Star Carat Diamond? | What does 10k SK mean?


Your Gift Guide with SK Jewellery in Singapore

SK Jewellery has been operating for over a decade, providing new innovations, high-quality design, and reasonable values for all jewellery enthusiasts. The brand offers many collections suitable for different occasions. This is perfect for those looking for the ideal gifts for family and friends. All of SK Jewellery’s products are divided by their gemstones, materials, and occasions. They offer jewellery for an anniversary, baby showers, birthdays, engagement, wedding, and business-related gifts.

SK Jewellery’s Gemstones

SK Jewellery divides their gemstones into three categories: pearls, diamonds, and an assortment of coloured gemstones. Their best-sellers are certainly their diamond jewellery, but the pearls and coloured gemstones are as popular among customers.

  • Diamond – Diamonds can be anybody’s best friends. Combine the beautifully-cut diamonds with the brand’s six high-quality materials.
  • Pearl – Relive the glamour of the olden days by pairing your ensemble with their Classic Teardrop Pearl Pendant and their Simple Love Pearl Earrings.
  • Coloured Gemstones – Some of their gemstones include Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Blue Topaz, Amethyst, and Pink and Blue Sapphire.

SK Jewellery’s Materials

The brand carries six different choices of metals, all of the highest calibre. These materials have their own price ranges because of their differing durability, longevity, and quality.

  • 999 Pure Gold – One of the finest and purest gold in the market, the 999 Pure Gold contains 24 carats of yellow gold you can use to embellish your SK Jewellery accessories.
  • White Gold – White gold contains more white metal like palladium, manganese, and nickel compared to the yellow counterpart. White gold jewellery is usually stronger and more durable, and less vulnerable to dents and scratches.
  • Rose Gold – Rose gold mainly comprises gold and copper alloy that resulted in the red or pink finish. While copper is more sturdy and durable than other materials, it can often cause an allergic reaction to those with sensitive skin.
  • Platinum – Jewellers often use this dense and heavy metal (approximately 95%) for most jewellery, making platinum more expensive than any other materials. It is, however, more long-wearing than gold and does not need to be rhodium-plated.
  • Silver – Silver is less expensive than gold, platinum, or titanium because it is more prone to oxidation and will turn black over time. Nevertheless, those who seek affordable casual jewellery can always opt for SK Jewellery's silver items.

No matter the occasion, SK Jewellery will always have the right accessories for you. With its high-quality gems and materials, paired with affordable prices and unique designs, you can never go wrong with their jewellery. As for bridal gift sets to be presented to the bride, explore their Si Dian Jin (四点金) collection that comprises a necklace, ring, bangle, and a pair of earrings crafted with 99.9% gold.

If you have a certain budget to stick to, browse through the brand's items on iPrice to get the best discounts and offers, including pendants, earrings, wedding rings and so much more.

Add Your Personal Touch to SK Jewellery

Another speciality that SK Jewellery is widely known for is its customisation service for charms, gold bars, necklaces, and pendants. Turn basic jewellery into something unique on its own. Whether it is personalising your heartfelt message coupled with the best photo for a gold bar or designing your own necklace along with your birthstone, SK Jewellery does it all for you.

What is SK Gold?

SK Gold is a subsidiary of SK Jewellery Group that specialises in designing an assortment of jewellery pieces with 916 gold, also known as 22-carat gold. From rings to necklaces, each comes with its own unique details that are bound to accentuate your style and add elements of charm to your personality.

What is a Star Carat Diamond?

Star Carat Diamonds are lab-grown diamonds that are produced with new technology that has undergone over 60 years of intensive research and development. Since there is no longer a need to dig precious Earth to obtain these carats, this method of diamond-making is much more sustainable and affordable, costing up to 50 per cent less than mined diamonds. Therefore, a star carat diamond is easily accessible nowadays. Get your diamond carat dreams fulfilled with SK Jewellery today!

What does 10k SK mean?

In layman’s terms, 10k gold refers to a 10-carat gold that is made up of 10 parts gold and 14 parts assorted metals including copper, nickel, silver, or zinc. Simply put, a gold piece labelled 10k means that it contains 41.7% of pure gold. Any jewellery piece that is stamped with a mark like 10KT, 10K, 10kt or .417 helps you to identify the piece as one that’s made of 10-carat gold.

The good news is, now you can order any jewellery from SK Jewellery's official site and be entitled to free shipping regardless of your order amount. The website is where you can stay tuned to their new arrivals, promotions and exclusive sneak peeks as well.