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SKG Singapore: Your Top Transnational Business Network Provider!

SKG Singapore: First Class Industrial Products, First Class Quality

The SKG brand focuses mainly on the need of home appliances and the necessity of quality and reliability from them. Set up in 2007 in Guangdong, China, bearing the full name of Foshan SKG electric Co., Ltd, the brand emits itself as a transnational business network provider that puts commitment in equipping consumers with personalized boutique experience. SKG bases its operation and marketing on the demand of the consumer to produce and provide quality, beautiful, and innovative designed products through various combination of modern fine living concepts.

SKG launched itself into the home appliance industry with five major electrical product categories on a domestic level. They include kitchen appliances, quality appliances, life appliances, nursing appliances, and environment appliances. Being one of the fastest growing electrical business brands in China, SKG subscribes to the strategy of opening platform, integrating global resources to build cross-regional business network systems without borders. Through this, SKG is able to establish strategic partnerships with many leading e-commerce platforms that leads it to be one of the leaders of the industry today.

Top SKG Products You Can Get for Yourself Here!

The SKG brand is wholly known for its quality and reliable home appliances, especially those that allow you easement in the kitchen. With SKG products and appliances, you can make your own bread, yogurt, juices, and you can also make the air in your home cleaner and fresher. When mentioning about home appliances, you’d mostly think about kitchenware. Well, SKG belittles the notion by expanding the meaning behind home appliances by providing also products that promote relaxation (like electronic massagers) and also those that promote a healthier and more active lifestyle (like steppers and slimming belts). Here are our top picks of SKG products and appliances that we believe you would love to have in your home, or office!

SKG 3930 Bread Maker
There are times when we find the bread we buy from stores to be no longer appetizing. Perhaps you are a very picky bread eater and you love the idea of actually being able to make your own bread. SKG provides the fulfilment for that need and want with its very own, easy-to-use bread maker! The SKG 3930 Bread Maker runs on 550W power and is relatively very easy to use. Forget all those big ovens you see on cooking and food shoes, this handy and very compact bread maker comes with 23 different preset baking programs along with various crust settings suitable to fulfill the needs and wants of a beginner and expert bread maker. If you’re like us, then you love to watch bread rising in the oven. The SKG 3930 has a lid that allows just that! Though it runs on a plug-in power outlet, it has a 10-minute backup power. So, in case there’s a power shortage, you’re able to save the bread-in-the-making!
SKG Yogurt Maker TNA-01A
Tired of the same yogurt from the store? Find it troublesome to go to the yogurt stand to buy yourself a cup of deliciously healthy yogurt? SKG provides a solution to those questions with its very own yogurt maker! The TNA-01A provides a foolproof way of whipping your own yogurt and you can add in anything you like into it! The yogurt we normally buy in stores might have additional sugars and preservatives but with the TNA-01A, you can make sure to have just the right stuff in your cup of yogurt. Go figure!
SKG Stainless Steel Juicer MY-610
Everyone needs a juicer, though sometimes it’s more fun to just bite into an apple, having a chilled glass of apple juice in the morning would most certainly start your day right. The SKG Stainless Steel Juicer MY-610 allows easy juicing with its powerful rotary motor and extra-large input pipe for bigger fruits. So, you might be worried that you need to peel the fruits first? Well, the MY-610 has a mini pore filter that does that for you! Post-juicing wash-up getting you worried? The MY-610 has detachable parts of easy washing. So, you can get your juicing done fast and cleanly with the SKG Stainless Steel Juicer MY-610.

These are only three of the multitude of products and appliances that you can get from SKG. There are also our top picks if you want to start of filling your kitchen with SKG products. With the knowledge that the SKG brand is one of the fastest growing e-commerce brand in China, you wouldn’t have a second’s worth of doubt to purchase your own SKG appliance.

However, if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always check out other home appliance brands like Butterfly, Panasonic, and Tefal.

Happy Shopping!

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