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Hydrate yourself with moisturizers in all shapes and sizes here on iprice. From the biggest brands in Malaysia, to the best all-natural supplements in facial moisturizing, get it all right here. Browse the products below or find out more here.

Biotherm Biosource Instant Hydrating Softening Lotion - 125ml- Refreshing toner for dry skin- Reaches the deep dirt that cleansers cannot- More than a simple toner, it works as an exfoliant, ridding your skin of impurities and dead cells, revealing its natural radiance- Tones and leaves skin feeling clean and fresh- Use daily in the morning and evening to clean skin. Soak a cotton pad with toner. Smooth the whole face, from middle to outside. Repeat until cotton pad wipes clean. Dry skin by applying a tissue on face and gently pressing it with both hands to absorb excess liquidSee more at: http://www.viimart.com/brands/international-brands/biotherm/biotherm-biosource-instant-hydrating-softening-lotion.htmlAt VIIMART, authenticity of our products is affirmative. Our holding company, Kelter International Pte Ltd (UEN : 201221831H), is a registered cosmetic and skin care products importer with the Health Science Authority of Singapore. We notify the Health Science Authority of Singapore on our products before putting them on sale. Our long standing portfolio of clients in South-East Asia, middle east and other region endorses the genuineness of our products. We only work directly with brands as well as authorised long-term distributors to ensure the authenticity of all products and samples that we carry. Our uncompromising audit process in the selection of suppliers and distributors shows our commitment in the authentication policy. With an implacable policy in our selection of the source of products, we have put the authenticity of all our merchandises beyond doubt. We warmly welcome you to try us out. At VIIMART, we strive to cater an extensive variety of products for each individual. Uncompromising service and efficient fulfillment is our motto to provide a pleasurable shopping experience to our customers. We gladly present you with a $10.00 voucher in term of Viimart Point upon your registration. At VIIMART, we aim to keep shipping pocket friendly and fuss-free. Should your orders be above S$50.00, the shipping fee is waived while a flat delivery fee of S$3.90 will be charged for orders below S$50.00. Do check it out or purchase at http://www.viimart.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Viimart#viimart #skincare #haircare #facecare #bodycare #beauty #cosmetics #biotherm #toner #lotion Read more
DetailsRadiance whitening cream that gives skin a moisturized glow as if coatedWhite Plus Renew Original CreamMoisturizing brightening cream that moisturizes skin prone to dryness, leaving it glowing as if coated with light.Brightening cream with gel network structure rich in brightening agents creates a protective layer that feels like second skin.1. Moisturizing and brighteningMoisturizes while helping skin look more vibrant2. Gel networkGel network carries ample amounts of moisturizing and brightening agents3. 3-free Mild FormulaMoisturizing and brightening effect 365 days a yearDetailed descriptionWHITE PLUS RENEW ORIGINAL CREAM Radiance whitening cream that gives skin a moisturized glow as if coatedWHITE PLUS RENEW ORIGINAL CREAMRadiance whitening cream that gives skin a moisturized glow as if coated1. Coating skin for extra glowMoisturizing brightening cream that moisturizes skin prone to dryness, leaving the complexion vibrant and lively as if coated with light.2. Gel NetworkBrightening cream with gel network structure rich in brightening agents creates a protective layer that feels like second skin.3. Mild formula that's gentle on skinNo artificial colorants, animal byproducts, or oil-based minerals to keep the formula mild, making it suitable for use 365 days a yearHow to useTake an adequate amount onto a cotton pad (2 cm in diameter/0.4ml) and gently swipe over the cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth area, and neck using outward strokes; wrap the face with both palms to promote absorption of the formula. Read more
Prices updated on 23 Jun 2017

Moisturizers in Singapore

Did you know that over 70% of our body is made up of water? Hence, we are advised to drink lots of water in a day. Unfortunately, drinking water alone isn’t enough to hydrate us. Sometimes we need to hydrate our outer body, especially our skin. And the most sensitive part of our body’s skin is the face. Face moisturizers help us to keep our hydration level at maximum. Thousands of moisturizing products flood the market today, but which ones are the best for you? With iprice’s selection of moisturizers available in Singapore, you won’t have to worry anymore. Handpicked from the best and most effective brands in the market just for you today, you’ll be able to choose only the best moisturizers. Browse the products above or find out more below.

Types of moisturizers

Typically there’s no one-way to go about defining types of moisturizers. Moisturizers can be classified in a couple of different ways. Firstly there are the all-natural, non-synthesized moisturizers. These generally belong to a herbal formula, based on ingredients found in plant or animal life. Alternatively, there are chemically formulated moisturizers. These are usually made in a lab and synthesized using a combination of formulas. Thirdly, there are those that combine the two former methods to create a hybrid formula. Realistically speaking, we would prefer a more natural form.

Moisturizers can also be classified based on their level of hydration. Some moisturizers are made to penetrate beneath the pores of skin to give a fuller look to your face while others merely hydrate the surface of the skin. Another way to classify moisturizers is through the texture. There are 3 types when it comes to textures:

  • Ointments
  • Creams
  • Lotions

Ointments are thicker in texture and are significantly greasy. Creams are a combination of liquid and ointment to create a smooth, rich texture in which to spread on the skin. Lotions on the other hand, use water as the main ingredient. Water-based lotions are much sought-after.

Another classification of moisturizers comes in the form of the body area on which you intend to moisturize. Typically, these moisturizers can be in:

  • Face moisturizers
  • Hand lotion
  • Body lotion
  • Hair moisturizers
  • After shave
  • Hand cream

Choosing a moisturizer

Now that you know what type of moisturizers there are, go ahead and pick one. Choosing a moisturizer is much like choosing a facial soap or any skin care product. If you are prone to skin-related allergies or have sensitive skin, you should first consult a dermatologist for advice. If you’re prone to dry skin, search for a water-based cream or lotion. If you’re looking for something to be able to stay for long durations, look for creams or ointments. Choosing a moisturizer based on brands is also a good idea.

Big brands in moisturizers found online

Let’s look at some big brands in the moisturizer category. Usually, the same brands that produce facial washes and body soaps will create products for moisturising. These moisturizers are used together with their other products in their line of skin care and hygiene. Some famous brands you could look at are Activa, Bare Essentials, Cetaphil, and Biotherm. There are also designer brands producing moisturizers such as Clinique and Christian Dior.

So what are you waiting for? Get hydrated with the best moisturizers by shopping online today.

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