Skip Hop is a brand that produces accessories and bags for you and your children that are the perfect blend of both form and function. Stylish, fashionable, and very useful - read more here!

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Skip Hop Singapore, styles for your little ones

About Skip Hop - it started with a diaper bag!

Skip Hop literally started with the diaper bag in 2003 - when new parents Michael and Ellen Diamant realized that most of the diaper bags available in stores and the ones they owned were just downright boring as they only came in pink or blue. The parents got together and they sketched a bag that was not only functional, but also very stylish for the urban lifestyle that most parents are in today. This first bag that they sketched was called the Duo Diaper Bag.

It should be noted that neither of the parents ever had any experience in the industry of baby products, but Ellen's background as an art director and in marketing and branding of luxury goods gave them the nice hop to success today. This is also in part with Michael's 15 years of experience as a tech entrepreneur to innovate - the skills and talents of both husband and wife has brought the success in making Skip Hop a very iconic brand and style of baby bags and accessories today.

Skip Hop Singapore's promise to safety

Children are the apple of every parents' eye, which is why Skip Hop has a very strong commitment to ensuring that their products are as safe and friendly to children as much as possible. They employ vigorous testing to their products to make sure their products are up to standard so that parents who use their products need not worry about any safety concerns. Skip Hop also gives back to the communities through charities such as Baby Buggy and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

What makes Skip Hop's products special?

Skip Hop's bag products like their diaper bags or backpacks are special in many ways, but the biggest reason is that it was done for a very personal reason by its founders, Michael and Ellen Diamant. As explained, the personal reason was to create baby products that were not only stylish, but also very functional. Skip Hop's baby products are made to be very high quality and safe.

  • Produced by passionate parents with a personal goal in mind.
  • Stylish and fashionable bags and cases.
  • Great form and function through innovation and design.
  • High quality diaper bags and backpacks
  • Vigorous testing ensures that all the products are safe for both the parents and the baby.
  • Large market reach for everyone.

Skip Hop Singapore's diaper bags

Say good bye to all the plain and retrospective diaper bags. Gone are the days where diaper bags have to look like big giant shopping bags; Skip Hop's great design puts a really stylish and fashionable look that will rival even your carry handbags! There are a variety of different diaper bags for every parent in Skip Hop, there are backpacks, satchels, tote bags, and of course the usual messenger styled diaper bags too.

  • Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack: A chic and stylish backpack that is suitable for those Mom's who are always on-the-go. Featuring multiple compartments to store bottles, wipes and more, this backpack is prepared to handle all the urban styles and baby worries!
  • Via Tech Messenger Diaper Bag: This one's for the cool Dads out there. Available in a selection of three modern and simplistic colors, the Skip Hop Via Tech messenger diaper bag is man-prepared to change their baby's diapers. Magnetic closures and a special pocket protected by Agion antimicrobial lining helps to keep all the items secured and reduces odor-causing bacteria. The bag can also convert into a stroller handlebar diaper bag for convenience.
  • Swift Diaper Changing Station: Parents have all been there: Your baby needs a diaper change and there isn't any place nearby you can change the diapers - certainly not a dining table! With the Skip Hop Swift Diaper Changing Station, you can change diapers swiftly as you marvelously unravel that soft cushioned changing pad to settle your baby down. Reach for the necessary items with a mesh pocket that is both easily accessible and seen to change that diaper.

Skip Hop's children backpacks

Your children know how to walk and carry their own things already? Give them a backpack and let them carry their stuff by themselves, but not just any backpack - it’s a Skip Hop backpack! Skip Hop's children backpacks feature colorful designs and friendly animal faces.

  • Zoo Little Kid Backpack: Every little child likes animals, especially so if they are drawn in a very cute cartoony way. Your child will surely love Skip Hop's Zoo Little Kid backpacks! With over 21 different animal designs in bright and friendly colors, your child will never run out of choice for a stylish backpack! Compartments hold your child's necessary supplies to school and the padded straps keep them comfortable.
  • Zoo Lunchie & Straw Bottle Set: A simple lunch bag and straw bottle set featuring 14 diff set featuring 14 different animal designs that lets your child bring his or her favourite lunch to school that will surely draw the attention of their many friends!

Don't wait any longer and just get you and your child a really decent bag for both your needs from Skip Hop Singapore! Whether it may be Skip Hop diaper bags, Skip Hop backpacks, Skip Hop Tote bags, or more, there is always one for your needs!