A huge name in sports gear, Slazenger has been one of Malaysia's favourite. From cricket to hockey and football, Slazenger brings the best in sports clothing and more to us. Find out more about Slazenger in Malaysia here or browse the selection below.


Slazenger sports gear in Singapore

The biggest names in the sports industry culminate in every sport they represent. Among all the sports brands in Singapore, one name still stands strong – Slazenger. Slazenger has been popular in Singapore since forever and has been the official sponsor for many sporting events since its arrival here. Singapore is prime market for Slazenger to bring the best in its selection of sportswear. Today, Slazenger brings durable and quality sportswear to us in Singapore via Slazenger online store. Never again will you have to run to the mall or visit the retail outlets to get your favourite Slazenger sports gear. Simply shop online today. Want to know more about Slazenger online? Follow the links below.

The Slazenger Heritage

It’s amazing to see a company bud from the late 1800s and blossom to become a world-renown brand today. The same can be said about Slazenger. Slazenger as a company was founded in 1881 by Ralph Slazenger. It first took hold in the 1890s with sports in England and later pursued Golf with passion. Later on, tennis players specifically requested for Slazenger tennis balls at Wimbledon. As time went on, Slazenger dominated in the tennis arena with more athletes taking to using Slazenger rackets and tennis balls. In 1963, the iconic Panther logo became Slazenger face. In the same year, Slazenger came out with its first line of sports apparel.

Today, Slazenger is synonymous for world sports such as cricket, hockey, tennis, football and more. Slazenger footwear, clothing and accessories reach out to a global market. Hence, we in Singapore are able to enjoy this awesome brand. Let’s find out more about how you could get the best out of Slazenger in Singapore.

Slazenger and sports

In the world of sports, only the strongest will survive. Slazenger’s heritage is proof to how the brand has adapted over time and has since become a favourite across the globe. Reaching in to every sport, Slazenger brings every facet of the sports equipment you can think of. Made both for men and women, Slazenger sports caters functional and performance gear for everyone. Check out Slazenger for men and Slazenger for women page to find out more on what you can get by gender. You can also get sports gear by the type of sports you play. Simply browse the products above to find out what you could get.

Slazenger Clothing

Clothing is one factor to success in every sport. What you wear can make or break your performance. Slazenger clothing presents you with thousands of options for sports and high-intensity activity both for men and women. Some of Slazenger’s finest comes from these:

  • Slazenger shirts
  • Slazenger shorts
  • Slazenger pants
  • Slazenger formal wear
  • Slazenger accessories

Each category has all the necessaries you need to get started on your sports.

Slazenger Bags

Did you know that Slazenger also specializes in bags? In particular, Slazenger travel bags are a hit among sportsmen and women who are jet-set. Slazenger bags & wallets increases the scope towards more trendy and handy luggage. Some of Slazenger’s best in this category are

  • Travel luggage
  • Duffel bags
  • Backpacks
  • Laptop bags

Slazenger Shoes

One category that will be big in the sports industry is the shoe category. Shoes are as necessary as the game itself. Slazenger shoes are available for all types of sports. But generally we can break up the category into 2; sports shoes and sneakers. We’ve talked about sports enough, let’s talk about sneakers. Slazenger sneakers make comfortable casual wear for any day out. You will find designs that are modern and take a contemporary look on fashion and comfort. Some models you might want to look at for daily use are:

  • Slazenger 414 LEGENDS high-quality unisex sneakers
  • Slazenger NEW 2015 SL-323 AIR FLY Series sneakers
  • Slazenger Men and Women Summer Aqua Cool Sneakers

Of course there are thousands of designs, along with functions to choose from when looking for a Slazenger pair of shoes. You can even check out Slazenger hiking boots for a day out in the wild.

More of Slazenger’s best

Besides shoes and clothing, Slazenger also prides itself in the intricate timepieces of today. Slazenger watches bring you world-class precision along with prime luxury. If you’re looking for a sports watch that goes where you go, Slazenger’s range of watches will have something for you. Apart from that, Slazenger also has health & beauty products, skin care products and, you’ll find more sports equipment in the Slazenger sports & outdoors category. From swim caps to goggles, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t just take our word for it, simply shop online and get the full experience of Slazenger’s best choices. You can do this from the comfort of your own home. Shop for Slazenger in Singapore for prices as low as 40% off from all your favourite online retailers. If you fancy other big names in the sports industry, also check out iprice’s sports & outdoors category for more. What are you waiting for? Hop on the online bandwagon and start shopping like a pro. Satisfaction guaranteed! Happy shopping!

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