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Don’t get your knickers in a bunch, Sloggi is here to save the day. This everyday underwear brand has been in the business for over 30 years, with its main focus of providing the best comfort and quality. Catering to your needs, Sloggi uses smooth and silky fabrications that feel almost like a second skin. Due to that, there’s no surprises that Sloggi is one of the world’s best selling brand of underwear. Sloggi also provides a very vast range of designs and an even wider array of colours, so it not only feels great but looks just as good. Fuss-free, feel good and fun, these affordable underwear are bound to keep you happy and comfortable all day long.

Sloggi Singapore Prices

Due to the versatility in designs and a huge array of styles, Sloggi prices differ according to design. Sloggi prices start from S$20.00 onwards.

About Sloggi

Sloggi was created with fashion and functionality in mind. Using patent spin cotton fabric, thats anti allergy making it perfect for sensitive skin with a combination of two-way stretch Lycra, Sloggi proves to be a must-have for any girl. Not only do they make amazing underwear, the new line of swimwear is also to die for. Staying true to its lightweight and ultra-comfortable nature while infusing the newest intrend cutting-edge designs, Sloggi brings the best of both worlds; style with substance. Taking it one step further, Sloggi has created underwear that is easy to mix and match. The best part of it all? No more visible VPL (visible panty line)! Wear skintight dresses with no more lumpy, messy lines showing. The design team at Sloggi evolve with trends bringing in new innovative designs. From earth tones, natural hues to bold, bright, neon colours; Sloggi has underwear for every occasion.

Sloggi Singapore Social Media

Besides their official website, Sloggi uses Facebook to update their customers and fan base. New collections, designs and colour palettes are showcased on this platform.