When you want to enjoy crisp and refreshing flavours that come from high-quality ingredients and western brewing techniques, grab a bottle of Somersby Apple Cider. The beverage's pleasant sparkling sweetness makes it the perfect drink after a long day. Learn more about the brand here.

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Somersby - Everything You Need To Know About This Beverage Brand

What is Somersby?

Somersby is a cider brand launched in 2008 by the Danish-origin brewing company Carlsberg Group. Despite its short history, the brand has become the biggest international cider brand and is available in 48 countries around the globe, including Singapore. The brand started with producing apple ciders but has expanded its range of flavors to include pear, mango, and many more.

What Beverages Does Somersby Offer?

Apple Cider

The Apple Cider is a refreshing cider with a uniquely juicy apple flavor, with 4.5% alcohol. A tasty and natural choice for brunch, afternoons, and happy moments with your friends. Its sparkling bubbles turn every sip into an exciting taste experience. The beverage is available in 330ml bottles and 320ml cans and is best served over ice.


The Rosé variant is a premium and elegant cider that is inspired by the taste profile of rosé wine, balanced with a floral aroma with no bitter aftertaste. The beverage is available in 330ml bottles and is a great aperitif, an after-work drink, or an accompaniment to light meals.

Is Somersby Apple Cider alcoholic?

The cider undergoes a fermentation process, where alcohol is a natural byproduct. As a result, the drink contains 4.5% alcohol so, to consume the beverage, you must be above 18 years old. However, the brand does offer a non-alcoholic variant made with carbonated water, non-alcoholic fermented apple juice, sugar, apple juice concentrate, and citric acid.

Is Somersby a beer?

The products under the brand are ciders which is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented fruit juice. They're not considered beers because beers are alcoholic beverages made from brewing malt and flavored with hops.