Music has a huge impact on our lives. Be it soothing classical music or rock music, coordinated sounds can definitely affect the whole atmosphere of a space. Learn more on how Sonos Singapore can transform separate rooms into more lively spaces.

About Sonos Singapore speakers


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About Sonos Singapore speakers

Sonos is a smart speaker system that streams all your favourite music to any or every room. With Sonos, the power to customize your music can now be done with one simple app. Fill your home with pure, immersive and lively sounds with Sonos sound system and bring new life into your home.

When John MacFarlane and three co-founders—Craig Shelburne, Tom Cullen, and Trung Mai—started Sonos in 2002, they had no background in audio technology or hardware. The foursome rented an office in downtown Santa Barbara and tried to figure out what to do next after leaving their previous jobs. An idea to make a stereo system for the modern age was written down on a piece and the four all agreed on it. They listed three features they wanted for this modern hi-fi: You shouldn’t have to get up from the sofa to control the music; you should be able to pick any song you want to play and you shouldn’t have to mess with wires. That was it and up till today the plan to perfect this simple plan is still an on-going mission.

The design team fought with engineers over the placement of a mute button, while the acoustics team battled with wireless experts over where the antenna should go. Is was not a smooth start as creators argued and disagreed when trying to create the best model for Sonos. It took more than two years to create a working product which is a sound system bundle consisting of two speakers, two amplifiers and a controller.

The current Sonos Studio is sort of hidden from plain sight, tucked between vintage furniture stores and art galleries on a sun-bleached stretch of La Brea Boulevard in Los Angeles. Sonos makes exactly nine products—five wireless speakers for playing music at home and four accessories.

Sonos Singapore: The wireless hi-fi sound system

To make a simple sound system was not easy as the Sonos team worked non-stop for years to redefine just what a smart speaker should be. Sonos latest speaker set named Play: 5, is powerfully smart with a mid-woofer, tweeter and internal component in-house that forms an ultimate streaming speaker for your home.

Sonos’s speakers is the best conduits for streaming music services. With its three core models, Play: 1, Play: 3 and Play: 5, which are best understood as loud, louder and loudest allows users to turn any living space into a better one with hi-fi sounds. Sonos Playbar is also a very popular product from the brand. It is a long, thin speaker that goes under the TV and a subwoofer as well as a device that will hook up old-fashioned speakers to Sonos’s system and a hardware for improving wireless signals. This means you can also upgrade your old sound system at home with the Sonos Playbar and enjoy pristine sounds with a touch of a button.

Stay connected with music with Sonos Singapore

In this modern era with all sorts of changes happening in the music industry, streaming music has become the most preferred medium. So Sonos strives to create devices, speakers to allow music to be played out loud at home. In order to better understand the transformative power of listening to music out loud at home, Sonos also conducted a study on how music played out loud affect our health, mood and brain function. With this insight, Sonos set out to better understand the science behind this transformation through this study, a global survey of 30,000 people and in-home experiment in 30 homes.

Starting with a 41-question online survey to get a feel for how people consider the connection between music and relationships. Sonos got a poll of 30,000 people across the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, The Netherlands, France, Sweden and Australia between December 29, 2015, and January 8, 2016, with research partner, United Minds.

Then, a field study was conducted in 30 households in eight countries around the world. Participants were instructed not to listen to music out loud on the first week. Then on the second week, participants were encouraged to listen to music out loud as much as they wanted. 30 homes and 109 participants in those eight countries made up of couples, families with children, brother-and-sister roommates, in-laws and beyond.

Positive effects of having music played out loud with Sonos speakers

The results of the field study find that many positive effects were experienced with this intangible transformation by inserting music into the home. We find the results very interesting and a great eye opener.

Here’s a summary of the result study:

  • People were found to spent 3 more hours together at home, interacting, dancing to the music, bobbing heads and doing freaky and hilarious (or embarrassing) dances which brought closer ties among members of the home.
  • Children were also found to have an extra 20% tendency to help mother with the housework as they can dance or just sing along while completing chores.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner were also said to be more enjoyable as over 58% of the participants said that their food taste better with music.
  • Household members also were found to express their love for each other more frequently (14% more) when music is heard in the house.
  • 25% of the participants said that they were inspired, 16% said they experience better moods and 15% said that more laughter was heard and experience in their households.

We must admit that although modern living has brought us together but it has also isolated us especially people that stay under one roof. Sonos wants to create that channel for all to enjoy music together as a whole and encourage people to enjoy music and create memories together!

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