Many medical experts have claimed that breastfeeding provides more benefit for your children compared to baby formula. However, many mothers feel intimidated by the thought of breast pumping and the discomfort that would often follow. With Spectra Singapore, mothers shouldn’t worry about breastfeeding any longer. Read more here.

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Tips on How to Begin Your Breastfeeding Journey with Spectra Singapore

We all know that babies are fragile and it’s crucial for parents to ensure that they strengthen their immune system and overall health. Through food, supplements, and milk, babies can get what their body needs to be able to fight illnesses and diseases. Breastmilk contains the necessary antibodies that no other formula or food source can ever replicate. Not only that, breastfeeding can also be beneficial for mothers; it was proven that it has the long-term benefits of preventing breast and ovarian cancer.

Given all the benefits of breastfeeding, mothers shouldn’t worry about pumping breastmilk. With the right high-quality tools like the breast pumps from Spectra Baby Singapore and its accessories, mothers will rarely experience any discomfort from tenderness, soreness, and any other breastfeeding side effects.

What you need to know before starting to breastfeed with Spectra pumps

Before beginning your foray into breastfeeding, be sure to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. It might be quite difficult to get your infant to latch on during their first few weeks and it might frustrate some mothers. Also, be sure that you’re holding your babies in the right position so they can easily latch on. It may help some mothers to begin breastfeeding right after delivering the baby in the hospital. That way, you can have the guidance of the nurses, lactation consultants, and other hospital staffs.

Prepare to have your breasts grow in several cup sizes. This means your breasts are ready to be pumped. It’s highly recommended to get yourself a couple of breastfeeding and nursing bras in varying sizes. If you have a hard time passing the milk through the milk ducts, place a warm compress over it or even laying a cabbage leaf over your breasts.

Next, it’s best to invest in a high-quality, technologically-forward breast pumps and other devices that could help you ease this process. Spectra breast pumps and accessories are suitable to be used for exclusively pumping moms, adoptive moms, working mothers, mothers with low supply of breastmilk, to be used for multiple babies, and for babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

It can be used for sensitive mothers and babies because Spectra only uses hospital-strength mechanisms and technology. An example is the closed system pumping mechanism. It has a backflow protector which protects the milk and the baby from bacteria, mold, and viruses while pumping. The backflow protector also keeps the tubing dry by preventing air flow between expressed milk and pump tubing while pumping.

The Features of Spectra Electric Breast Pumps

Spectra currently produces 4 types of electric breast pumps: the S1 Plus, S2 Plus, Dew 350, and the 9 Plus Rechargeable Pump, along with a handy manual breast pump. Other than the closed system pump and backflow protector, these pumps are equipped with a nightlight, timer, dual phased massage and expression mode, and adjustable cycle and strength independently. The S1, S3, Dew 350, and the 9 Plus all has a digital screen that could show you the pump time, cycle, and level of strength.

Any mother can customize the setting to meet their comfort needs. Mothers can adjust the suction strength and power, as well as utilize the massage and expression modes to relieve any discomfort. The massage and expression mode generates a pumping rhythm that is most effective for your body. It mimics how your baby would naturally nurse from the breast so it can pump the breast fully.

Breastfeeding Accessories from Spectra Singapore

The electric breast pumps from Spectra already comes with a set of baby bottles, suction cups, and tubes. However, if they happen to not fit you properly, you can always consider the additional Spectra breast pump accessories. These accessories come in various sizes and shapes that could fit any mother. Other than the additional baby bottles and suction cups, you can also find disposable milk bags, extra power adapters, replacement valves, and baby bags to store all your breast pumping tools when you’re on-the-go.

Besides that, Spectra also offers the Bling Collection so you can decorate and personalize your Spectra breastfeeding pumps and accessories. The Bling collection only uses genuine Swarovski crystals. A specific order needs to be placed to that your breast pumps and accessories can be embellished with the beautiful Swarovski crystals.

You can always depend on Spectra Singapore to always perform well when you’re breastfeeding your infants. Due to the high-quality features and innovations, you will never need to worry about your child’s well-being. Also, you won’t have to order your own Spectra breast pumps and accessories all the way from the United States when you can find right here on iPrice Singapore.