The Velcro tape is one of the most commonly used tapes which is also known as the hook and loop fasteners. Read more about velcro tapes below and try them out!

What are the two types of velcro called? | Are there different grades of velcro? | How does a hook and loop attach to a product?


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All You Need To Know About Velcro Tape

Today, a variety of adhesive and industrial tape products are available on the market. Adhesive tapes have grown in popularity and importance over the last few years. Duct tapes, cellophane, and a variety of other industrial tape are available for a variety of fastening applications.

Velcro is one of the most convenient ways for us to securely attach things together. Trust me, you most likely have something at home that needs a velcro fastener to in some form of use. Velcro comes in a variety of forms including long strips, small patches, adhesive-free patches, and so on. There are also many other ways to make full use of velcro tapes in ways that you would find very useful in your daily life.

Lightweight: It is a lightweight material that is simple to work with. It is simple to attach to clothing, shoes, and other materials.

Washable and Durable: Another appealing feature of this material is its durability. Because the majority of these materials are made of nylon and polyester, they are easily washable.

Simple to use: One of the most important advantages of velcro is its ease of use. It is simple to use as a fastener because although a strong velcro is usually secure, you can still take it off by simply ripping it off. It is frequently used on bags, pouches, closet storage boxes, etc.

Hang objects up on the wall: It can be used to hang objects on the walls, there is little need to drill holes in the walls. It is one of the most efficient and effective ways to hang pictures, decorations, LED fairy lights and more.

What are the two types of Velcro called?

The rough side is referred to as the hook. The soft side is known as the loop. The name of the hook and loop fastener was inspired by how the technology works.

How do you use a hook and loop fastener?

When the two pieces are pressed together, the hooks catch in the loops for fastening. When the strips are separated by pulling or peeling the two surfaces apart, they make a distinct ripping sound.

Are there different grades of Velcro?

Yes, you can purchase velcro fasteners, and the hooks and loops come on separate 25 yard rolls. There is a variety in size and the quantity per roll varies with the size.

What is industrial Velcro?

The Industrial Strength hook and loop fasteners are made with strong, water-resistant adhesive and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them ideal for even the most demanding projects.

How does a hook and loop tape attach to a product?

Velcro hook and loop tape products can be attached to your product in a variety of ways. Fabric-backed hook and loop are required to be sewn to textiles and fabrics. Not to mention, the velcro hook and loop tape can be glued to a front or back surface with pressure-sensitive or solvent-activated backings. It can also be welded to itself or another fabric, applied with heat or RF-sealed. The best option is determined by what you will be applying it onto and your required preferences.

Can I get custom-made straps, tape or cut pieces of hook and loop?

Yes. Velcro Industries has a wide range of converting capabilities, from converted components and sub-assemblies to finished goods. Furthermore, some distributors can produce cut pieces and straps of hook and loop to meet your requirements in the best way.