Bubble wraps are essential for wrapping packages or to keep your valuables safe during a move. Yet, we tend to buy more than we actually need so you’re left with piles of unused bubble wraps that you don’t know what to do with. In the article here, you can find some creative ways to utilize those leftover bubble wraps.

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Creative Ways to Use Your Leftover Bubble Wrap in Singapore

Bubble wraps are necessary for packing and moving. It keeps your valuables safe by absorbing all the impacts during the shipping process. However, there are chances that you may accumulate more bubble wraps than you need. The tips below are just some fun and creative ways to use the bubble wraps so you don’t have to throw them away and harm the environment because they may not be recyclable.

Window Insulation

If you happen to live in the colder regions, you could lie your uninsulated windows with your leftover bubble wraps. This way, you can insulate a room without having to crank up the heater. Simply spray a little bit of water on the window and stick the bubble wrap right on top. Remember to keep the flat side of the bubble wrap towards your side.

Make Art

You can literally make art out of everything and using bubble wrap is one of them. This is a great activity if you have little children running around the house. Start by cutting up fun shapes and paint the cut-up bubble wraps (on the bubble side). Then, press the bubble wraps on a surface like a designated wall, manila paper, or canvas.

Protect Potted plants

This is also a great tip for those who experience winter. If you have potted plants around the exterior of your house, you can use bubble wrap to protect them from frosts, hail, and from the cold in general. It acts exactly like how your DIY bubble wrap window insulation would. Be careful not to wrap it too tight, though, as plants still need some space and ample sunlight to grow.

Keep Food Warm or Cold

At this point, we know that bubble wraps are able to insulate a room and plants. Aside from that, bubble wraps can also keep your hot food warm and your cold drinks chilled. It’s a great alternative if you have no thermos or thermal containers to put your lunch or morning coffee in. Just wash the bubble wrap thoroughly and cut them up based on the size of your food or containers.

Free Stress Relief

This is undoubtedly the most fun activity that you could do with your leftover bubble wraps. If you’re sure that you won’t be needing the bubble wrap anymore, go on ahead and pop those bubbles! Popping bubble wraps has been proven to provide some stress relief and it’s also great for those who can’t keep their hands still. So, instead of buying a fidget spinner or fidget cube, you can get some free stress relief from popping your bubble wraps.

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