Is your wallet loaded down with too many cards and not enough money? The number of cards you have weighing down your wallet in the pocket of your jeans? Consider getting a card holder! Not just for business cards, take a look at the variety of card holders available on iPrice Singapore’s website. Interested? Click here to read more about it.


Keep Your Wallet Neat with Card Holders Singapore

There seem to be cards for everything nowadays, membership cards for convenience stores, departments stores, even restaurant membership cards. At checkout stations or on promotion, we can’t seem to help ourselves, and at the end of the day we always find ourselves going for the loyalty cards offered to us and adding to the stack already overflowing in our wallets that, most of the time, we don’t even use.

Because, let’s be real, aside from our credit cards and Starbucks memberships, it’s rare that we’ll even touch the rest of the cards we have, making them more deadweight than useful. But short off tossing away the cards we don’t use, how can we maintain a slim wallet?

Card holders. With the introduction of card holders, you’ll be able to separate the essentials from the occasional, still keep both close on hand, as well as save space for actual money to be kept in your wallet.

The Best Card Holder for You

So, which card holder will suit you? Sure, you could go for the best-looking option and call it a day, but why not invest your money in something a bit more practical? The best card holders will manage the following:

  • Hold your credit cards and money without bulging out indiscreetly.
  • Let you easily access whatever card you need.
  • Look great.

A card holder that manages all of the above and also works in tandem with your wallet is all you need for an organized life. For you, and for everyone around you. Nobody likes to hold up queues, especially if you’re desperately digging for a credit or membership card. So keep things nice and neat with a card holder. What’s more, professional looking card holders let you seem sophisticated and gives off the impression of a well put together individual.

The Design

With a wide range of card holders available, you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes. Whether you’re looking for something in black leather or colorful suede, there are millions of choices to pick from. One popular option is to get a card holder that also includes a compartment for your smartphone, letting you keep both your cards always on hand and protecting your phone screen from harm.

Never Lose Business Cards Again with Card Holders

Made specifically for the collecting and preserving of business cards, these card holders are usually for those who are in the business of exchanging details and networking. Typically looking reminiscent of a book, these card holders have plastic compartments for each individual card and allows you to browse through your cards with ease. Arrange them alphabetically or according to the date you received them, keeping a card holder goes a long way when it comes to convenience.