The most exciting hobby ever, paper crafting is one you can try from childhood. Get started with paper crafts using the best scissors available in Singapore. Read more about the 3 must-have scissors below.


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3 Types of Scissors you need in your stationery box

The separation of paper in craft-making is a vital part of the craft trade. This parting can be done in a linear line (straight line), curves, shreds, or any other type of cutting, scissors are the ultimate choice. Take a look at the world of stationery and you’ll find there are hundreds of types of scissors. But which type should you get? We’re going to answer your question here. Read more to know about 3 must-have scissors types in Singapore.

Children’s scissors

As adults, we rarely use scissors. Truth be told, children use scissors more often in school and art class. So what’s the difference between adult scissors and children’s scissors? The main difference between the two is that the children’s scissors is not as sharp and not as big as the adult scissors. Adult scissors have sharp, pointy, metal edges too as compared with rounded, plastic edge of children’s scissors.

For children, scissors are made to be cute, attractive, and easy to use. Lightweight and small in size, children’s scissors fit any child’s hands. Colours also matter more in children’s scissors. Most of them are bright and colourful to encourage your little ones to use them. Expose your children to the use of scissors and you will unleash their creativity in an instant.

Edger scissors

Have a little fun by creating crafts with patterned edges. You can do this easily with edger scissors. Edger scissors are used much like any other type of scissors except that edger scissors have jagged patterns on the blade. Bulkier in size, these little machines help to steady your hands when cutting through paper.

When you have edger scissors in your hands, it is important to hold the scissors steady and cut along a straight line. Once you’ve mastered the straight line, you can try out doing curves. Always start cutting from the area in which the previous cut stopped. This will allow the pattern to come out evenly throughout your craft. Although edger scissors may be limited to paper use only, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

Straight scissors

Straight scissors are the most common type of scissors you can find. Straight scissors allow you to cut through paper, cardboard, cloth, and even leaves without hassle. Typically, the larger the scissors size, the easier it is to cut through the abovementioned materials. You will find straight scissors literally anywhere. From offices to the kitchen, and even in the car. These bad boys allow you create perfect works of art in the form of paper crafts. Perfect for making cards, Pepakura (3-D origami), string segments for crafts, and much more, straight scissors are easy to use.

One important thing to keep in mind is the sharpness of scissors’ blades. When scissors are sharp, it will cut seamlessly through any material like butter. Sometimes, the scissors are so sharp, all you need to do is run the scissors through the material.

Now that you know more about the 3 types of scissors that you must have, why not check out the selections given above? Or go check out other types of stationery online such as craft accessories, brushes, canvasses, and clips.