Cards are a great gift for any occasion and with so many reasons to celebrate, why not gift your loved ones, friends or family, with novelty cards of the likes they’ve never seen before. Interested? Read more about novelty cards below!

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The Best Novelty Card Designs to Have

There are many types of cards here in Singapore: playing cards, greeting cards, gift cards, business cards, and more. We’ll be talking mainly about cards of the seasonal and greeting variety.

There are loads of reasons for people to give greeting cards. Such as on occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or for the use of decorating your home. From gift cards that you can personalize with family photos for overseas relatives to seasonally decorated cards that you give to friends. Sending and receiving greeting cards as gifts are one of the easiest, heartwarming presence out there.

Everyone has the desire to make Pinterest-worthy cards. Whether it’s for Christmas or if someone’s birthday is coming up and you need a gift quick. Or even if you need some decorations to liven up the place for some event or another. Here we have some of the best novelty cards designs that appeal to anyone!

Pop-Up Cards

Also known as 3D cards, these are cards that feature pop-up cut-outs when opened. Quite the popular choice for many as both gifts and as home decoration, pop-up cards are a joy to make, receive, and they also look the best.

With designs that range from simple to impossibly complex, pop-up cards can be considerably diverse. This is due to the various celebrational occasions there are out there, leading to the many designs that can be created for each of them.

One of the simplest gifts to give, whether for a wedding, birthday or if it’s Christmas. Even if you already have a gift and you’re just looking for something to tie it together. Get a 3D card and write a heartfelt message on the back to give it a very personal touch that will no doubt be appreciated by the recipients.

Laser Cut Cards

Laser cut cards often look incredibly elegant and eye-catching. If you’re thinking of having some decorations during a wedding or if you have guests over you want to impress, you might want to consider laser cut cards. Stand one upright if you’re using it as a place card in an official function or if you like, send one as a greeting card for any occasion.

Laser cut cards are made in a surprising simple manner, despite how the name implies. While a laser is required when cutting out designs, the hardest part of creating a laser cut card is actually during the design process. Most laser cut card designs are hand drawn and are often incredibly complex due to the flexibility offered by the laser cutter, so there’s less room for error. Laser cut cards are easily mass produced for this reason.