Despite being just a scrap of paper, the tag can be easily transformed into a personalized gift tags for every occasion. Incredibly, there are lots of great ideas about how to use your tags in a more creative and inventive manner. Read more about gift tags in Singapore below to find out.

Kraft Pebble DIY

Gift Tags in Singapore - Amazing Gift Tag Ideas that You Will Love

While we all know about how and why we need to use tags in our lives, we tend to forget that the tags are more than just scraps of paper. After all, they will be thrown away once they are not needed. Yet, the tags can be very stunning pieces when you know how to do them creatively. As a matter of fact, tags are marvelous thing that can be transformed into lovely gift tags. In addition, they are very inexpensive and this means that you can make gorgeous gift ideas without spending a lot of money.

All you need to do is to get a tag and print your desired template on it. If you are still clueless, do not worry because there is a guide that makes it easier for you to do lovely gift tags. When you combine the beautiful gift tags with equally impressive gift wrappers, you will be surprised at how lovely your packaging look like. Therefore, this is an incredible list of gift tag ideas that you will love to do when preparing gifts for your friends and family.

Nautical-Themed Tags

As one of the most popular themes, the nautical-themed tags usually features the iconic anchor design as well as starfishes, crabs, lobsters, sharks, ships, lighthouses, and others. Basically, the nautical theme is anything that is related to the ocean. Generally, the popular colors which you use for the nautical-themed tags are blue, white and green. However, you can use other colors such as red, brown and others to exhibit an interesting contrast in the nautical theme.

If you are a fan of a nautical theme, you will definitely enjoy using this on your gift tags. Furthermore, the little ropes around the gift tags make them look even classier. After all, who want to throw these gorgeous gift tags away? They are like the strong anchor that stays in the hearts of the recipients (pun intended).

Creature Comforts

Who would not like to have the lovely animated animal characters on their gift tags? Even if you are not a fan of the anthropomorphic animal characters like the ones from the newer Zootopia and Sing movies, most of us agree that we have some form of "spirit animals" in our own hearts. If you are not familiar with Creature Comforts, it is actually a stop motion clay animation comedy mockumentary that matches animated zoo animals with the voiceover of people talking about their homes.

There is a reason why the name Creature Comforts have been included here in the list. While the animal characters are not exactly anthropomorphic, their clay motion style also serves as an amazing alternative for you to design your gift tag.


There is something interesting about every aspect of typography that continues to draw our attention. Whether it is the manner of how it is being written/printed or its positioning, the typography is certainly one of the most creative ways to personalize your gift tags. Besides, the typography also adds another element of classiness to your packaging needs. In fact, you can always insert your favorite quotes or other phrases that make you gift tags to be more meaningful.

Classic Christmas

For most of us, Christmas is a celebration that continues to be celebrated even though it is not December yet. Needless to say, it is never too early or late to enjoy a gorgeous Christmas-themed gift tag. Furthermore, they are always relevant to every time and season of the year. In addition, the Christmas-themed gift tags are some of the classiest ideas that will always retain its joyful and celebratory vibe. Most importantly, your personalized Christmas-themed gift tags will help save a lot of money while bringing a lot of smiles at the same time.