Doing arts and crafts is a great way to spend time with your kids as well as de-stress. Get the best quality colour paper in Singapore to enhance your craftwork. Read below to learn about the fun ways you can use coloured paper.


Fun Ways You Can Use Coloured Paper

There is an impressive selection of coloured papers in Singapore that you can choose from in particularly if you purchase it online. These coloured papers can be used to enhance the look of artwork on art blocks, canvases, notebooks, etc. If you are stuck on ideas on your next art project, read on to get inspired by some of the fun ways you can use coloured papers.


Simply create different types of embellishments with craft punches that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also draw designs on the coloured papers and simply cut them into unique patterns. Utilize different coloured papers for the different paper crafts to make decorative garlands, cupcake wrappers as well as dimensional embellishments by stacking various shapes with foam materials between each layer.

Paper flowers

Making accordion-folded rosettes are one of the simplest, yet beautiful crafts you can create. For each flower, you can cut any colour paper into two 12-inch strips and 2-inch in width. After that, you want to tape the two strips of paper together in order to form one long strip. To create the beautiful accordion- creases, you need to fold the strip at ½ inch intervals. This part may be slightly tedious as the folds should be created as evenly as possible. You may utilize a scoring tool to assist you. Once it is completely folded, bring the two ends together and secure it with double sided tape.

Handmade gift boxes

Coloured paper can be utilized to make gift boxes as well. The most effective way to do so is to reuse cereal boxes to wrap the colour paper around it. There are many templates that can be found online where you can simply print, cut it out and assemble the box. You can be creative as possible with the gift box and save a ton of money from store-bought gift boxes.

Decorate a journal

Turn an ordinary-looking journal into a work of art with colour paper. You could even utilize other types of patterned paper, wrapping paper, newspaper, etc. If you like your items to match each other, you can also wrap it around your favourite pens to go with your journal.

Fringe Flowers

Flowers are usually the best type of handmade crafts that you can create with colour paper as it still looks beautiful even when done effortlessly. You can use these fringe flowers as an embellishment to your scrapbook, picture frame, gift wrapping and a variety of things. Instead of using a normal pair of scissors to create these fringe flowers, there is a special kind of scissors that will help you fringe up the edges of the flowers.