Perhaps one of the most common office supplies today, whiteboard markers have made meetings, presentations, and lectures understandable and readable for students. Check out our selection of whiteboard markers in Singapore or read more about this trusted office/school item.

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Everything you Need to Know About Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboards are examples of accidental inventions like microwaves and playdough. At the height of the Korean war, photographer Martin Heit accidentally marked photographic paper with a marker. Realizing what he had done to his negatives he instantly wiped it off and realized that the ink came off easily. From this observation, he created the first whiteboard from his prototype and sold it to Dri-Mark.

Wet-Erase Markers VS Dry-Erase Markers

The invention of the whiteboard paved the way for other products including white board markers or dry-erase markers. Compared to wet-erase markers, otherwise known as permanent markers (although they are not exactly permanent), whiteboard markers are easier to erase on a non-porous surface like a whiteboard. What sets it apart from wet-erase markers is its pungent chemical smell. While dry-erase markers are the common go-to office supply, wet-erase can be used in boards with illumination or projector lamps because they do not fade or bubble easily in the presence of heat and light.

Reviving your Dried Out Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboard markers are an efficient tool for writing, especially on a presentation or a lecture. However, if left uncovered for long periods of time, the tip can dry out which can render the marker unusable. It can be a little bit annoying but there is a solution that could help you revive a dried out whiteboard marker. Here is how:

  1. What most people don't know is that the chisel tip or the ink-saturated tip of a whiteboard marker is actually two-sided. To revive your whiteboard marker, take off the cap that holds the chisel tip.
  2. Next is to flip the tip around with the good "untouched" end poking out. Then put it all back together.
  3. You're done! Enjoy your marker with all its ink-saturated glory restored with a brand new tip!

In most cases, dead whiteboard markers simply have dried-up ink at the chisel tip. So, if you want to revive it using other means, you can do so by dipping it into ink coating the tip and bringing life back to your dried-up whiteboard marker.

Best Whiteboard Marker Brands in Singapore


Perhaps one of the most common brands of markers, Pilot has a great selection of whiteboard markers with a wide range of chisel tips such as angled and felt. If you are looking for an affordable whiteboard brand, Pilot whiteboard markers would be the best choice.


One of the forerunners in the office supply industry, Expo is known for its long-lasting marker pens. Aside from that, Expo also features whiteboard markers that are low-odor, clickable, washable, scented, neon window, and so much more!


If you are looking for a premium brand of whiteboard markers, then Quarter is definitely what you need. The brand delivers high-quality pens with tons of great features such as low-odor, and it's even non-toxic!

Revered as a much-needed office supply, a lecture or an office meeting with your boss will never be complete without a whiteboard marker!