Pens in Singapore come in various colors, forms, and sizes. Whether you are buying pens in bulk or looking for that ultimate writing utensil, here are some tips to help you find the one that’s right for you.


5 Tips on How to Shop for a Pen in Singapore

The task of choosing a pen can be daunting as there is a myriad of types: ballpoint, gel, fountain, fire-tip pens, rollerballs, liquid ink, just to name a few. They also come in wide array of shapes and are made from varied materials. So, no doubt, it’s confusing when looking for a pen that is suitable for you. However, here are a few things to help you when shopping for a new pen.

Figure out the purpose

First, you should figure out what you are using the pen for. If you are going to use a pen on a construction site, then you might opt for one with a cap so that it can stand up to drops on the floor. Not to mention, it can endure being kicked around and write on uneven surfaces. If you often use a pen at work, then you need one that flows and writes quickly and at the same time lightweight and has an ergonomic shape to prevent soreness in your hands.

Who is your recipient?

Choosing a pen in Singapore can be a difficult task due to a wide array of options available. If you are buying a pen for a guy, then you can go for one that has a chunky size since it grips better in a larger hand. On the other hand, for women, you can choose a pen with subtle curves or a slimline pen since it provides a nice grip for smaller hands. For children, go for pens that can help them improve their writing posture without getting hand cramps.

Aesthetic Factor

The aesthetic factor of a pen is the one your eyes would see first before its functionality and performance. If you are more particular with how your pen performs, then you still have to consider its shape if it’s easy to hold.

Heavy or lightweight

Another important aspect to consider is how the pen will feel in your hand. If it is heavy, then you must look for another pen. If you are going to use a pen for writing for long periods, you must not choose a heavy metal pen but rather use one that is lightweight with a soft grip. Though a heavy and large pen is ideal for gifts since it provides a luxurious feel and value and at the same time impresses the recipient.

Check the Writing Quality

Checking the writing quality of a pen is an essential task when looking for a pen. This is because it lets you know whether the pen has the right feel and flow of ink. Such factor is the "make or break" part when looking for a pen. Thus, it’s important to test the pen and see how the tip feels when writing a few words. Also, take note if the pen is easy to press when writing and has a comfortable grip. If it slides then you have to look for another brand or model of pen. Last but not the least, check the ink flow if it skips or smears on the paper.