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SteelSeries Rival at 99.00 SGD from 21zoom
SteelSeries Rival
S$ 99.00
Advanced Optical Sensor At the heart of Rival is the Pixart Pmw3310 optical sensor. The 3310 promises zero hardware acceleration, offering true 1:1 tracking and precise movements no matter how fast things get during the heat of battle. The CPI is best-in-class with adjustments from 50 to 6500. SteelSeries Switches Our proprietary SteelSeries engineered switches have a lifetime of over 30 million clicks and are the high-speed conduit between the sensor and mouse clicks. The audible mouse click is subtle, while delivering quick, tactile responsiveness. Fine Tuning When it’s time to get competitive you can really dial-in your settings thanks to SteelSeries Engine 3. Adjustable Cpi, programmable buttons, polling rate, angle snapping, acceleration and deceleration are among the customizations that will make the mouse perform as you see fit. Unrivaled Design It has been many years since we last built a right-handed mouse so we feel Rival is long overdue. We went back to the drawing board and built off classic gamer favorites to make this mouse the ultimate solution in ergonomic feel. New Shape Rival’s shape was molded from some of the most iconic gaming mice of the past. We took great lengths to ensure a comfortable fit thanks to the right-handed orientation, a raised back end, and sleek contours. Surface & grips Our soft-touch paint is a unique experience, offering a matte finish while still feeling incredibly smooth. The anti-sweat coating helps to maintain great contact even during intense gaming sessions. The rubber grips are not a sticker, but direct injected molded rubber for better control and grip. Ergonomic Buttons No one wants to do finger gymnastics just to press a button on their mouse. We engineered Rival with ergonomic button position and size so clicks and movements feel natural, quick and don’t take away from gameplay. Endless Customization Rival is incredibly customizable with 16.8 million color, 2-zone illumination, a 3D printable nameplate for individuality, and SteelSeries Engine 3 for finely-tuned performance adjustments. Brilliant Illumination Rival features two independent lighting zones that are capable of 16.8 million colors. Colors can be adjusted in each zone, per specific profile, game or application. Four brightness levels and three lighting effects to choose from—Steady, ColorShift and Breathe—will help make Rival your own. SteelSeries Engine 3 Our new software suite is where you take control of the mouse and its many features. This new version of SteelSeries Engine gives users a unified application to control all of their SteelSeries products, offers cross platform support, and will feature a cloud syncing system to make sure you always have your Rival settings. 3D Printable Nameplate You may notice that your Rival came with 2 interchangeable nameplates. To switch them out, simply pry the existing one off at either end (a fingernail or the tip of a pen can do the trick) and pop the other one in. If you are handy with a 3D printer, you could even make your own nameplate.
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SteelSeries 5H V3 at 149.00 SGD from 21zoom
SteelSeries 5H V3
S$ 149.00
Building on the historic SteelSeries audio tradition, a custom-engineered soundscape features a wide dynamic range, which makes it possible for 5Hv3 to deliver a balanced and linear tournament-grade advantage. Powerful, detailed audio experience via tournament grade, next generation SteelSeries audio drivers that feature a wide dynamic range that allows you to hear all levels of your audio: lows, mids, and highs. Our audio engineers custom-engineered the soundscape for the best possible gaming experience. Advanced components like high grade mylar film to further perfect the sound with added clarity and no distortion. Steelseries Audio Powerful, detailed audio experience via tournament grade audio drivers. Custom-Engineered Soundscape Specifically optimized for in-game sounds such as footsteps, alerts and gunfires. Extended Comfort Extra-padded, soft all-leather design provides comfort during long sessions. Retractable Microphone "Invisible", retractable, uni-directional microphone in left ear-cup. Ready TO Transport Easy dismantling into 3 separate pieces for easy and safe transportation. Passive Noise Reduction Leather ear cushions reduce outside noise to stay focused and win. Control Your Audio In-line audio controls for volume and muting microphone. Ready FOR Everything Swappable cable system for use with PC, Mac®, tablets and phones.
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SteelSeries 3H V2 at 89.00 SGD from 21zoom
SteelSeries 3H V2
S$ 89.00
The new 3Hv2 headset comes in a compact, foldable design making it ideal for storage or travel and an included adapter which allows for use with PC, Mac®, tablets and phones. Unlike other headsets in this price category, the durable 3Hv2 brings together its powerful, next generation SteelSeries audio drivers, extra-padded leather cushions, a retractable microphone system and in-line audio controls on the soft-rubber cable in a compact and portable headset. Foldable Design Ready to transport in a compact, foldable design for portability. Retractable Mic Retractable microphone system with crystal clear voice communication. SteelSeries Audio Powerful audio drivers deliver incredible audio in a small package. Control your audio In-line audio controls for volume and microphone. Ready for everything Included adapter allows for use with PC, Mac®, tablets and phones. Comfortable Extra-padded, soft all-leather design provides extended comfort. passive noise reduction Leather ear cushions reduce outside noise to stay focused and win. Soft Rubber Cable Durability and convenience via extra flexible, soft rubber cable.
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SteelSeries Free Touchscreen Gaming Controller at 29.00 SGD from Lazada
SteelSeries Free Touchscreen Gaming Controller
S$ 29.00 S$ 59.00
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SteelSeries 9H at 299.00 SGD from 21zoom
SteelSeries 9H
S$ 299.00
Custom-Engineered Soundscape Building on the historic SteelSeries audio tradition, a custom-engineered soundscape features a wide dynamic range, which makes it possible for 9H to deliver a balanced and linear tournament-grade advantage. Don’t just win, dominate. Dolby® Technology The SteelSeries 9H when used with the included advanced USB soundcard features two Dolby® technologies. Dolby Headphone® allows up to 7.1 channels of realistic multi-channel surround sound. Dolby Prologic IIx® can convert a simple stereo signal into a rich, surround sound experience. In addition, it can convert a true 5.1 signal into a full 7.1 surround experience allowing for multiple listening modes and a more realistic sound. Tournament Quality Design Delivering a tournament-grade audio experience, incredible digital features, and best-in-class comfort, the SteelSeries 9H with Dolby® Technology is our best competitive gaming headset yet. Equipped with an advanced USB soundcard, the SteelSeries 9H provides users with Dolby® technology, SteelSeries Engine support and much more. Double Enclosure Technology The SteelSeries 9H features double enclosure technology. A second internal enclosure is sealed around the back of the speaker creating a closed design typically only found in high-end audio studio and DJ headphones. When coupled with the extra-padded ear cushions it creates a level of noise isolation unlike any other headset in gaming. This allows you to hear the in game sounds and your teammates over the roaring of the crowds. Retractable Microphone The 9H features a retractable microphone system. Pull it out when you need it. Hide it in the left earcup when you don’t. When the SteelSeries 9H headset is plugged into its advanced USB sound card it enables the noise cancellation capabilities. This active noise-cancelling, “smart” microphone allows your team to hear you above whatever is happening around you. Extended Comfort Extra-padded memory foam provides best-in-class comfort and passive noise reduction for long hours of play. Under the hood Driven by an advanced built-in sound card that features customizable equalizer settings and upgradable firmware for future expanded audio settings. Powered by SteelSeries Engine 3 When used with the USB soundcard the 9H gains the support and advanced digital features of the SteelSeries Engine, including the incredible Dolby® audio options and the noise canceling microphone. It will operate flawlessly without the advanced USB soundcard, but you will miss out on key extra features. Equalize Let’s face it, the way you hear the game is unique to the tones your hearing can pick up, and probably completely different than the next gamer, which is why SteelSeries provides 9H Headset users with the ability to adjust, personalize and save all of their audio and equalizer settings. Save 8 equalizer settings for each of your game profiles.
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SteelSeries Free Touchscreen Gaming Controls at 29.00 SGD from 21zoom
SteelSeries Free Touchscreen Gaming Controls
S$ 29.00
Stick and Play Simply apply to your screen and gain control of your games. Joystick and 3 buttons Auto-centering joystick and real buttons for tactile feel and control. Reusable Micro suction cup technology means you can use again and again. Carrying Case Sleek carrying case keeps it all protected and together when not in use.
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SteelSeries SENTRY GAMING EYE TRACKER(Black) at 269.00 SGD from Lazada
S$ 269.00 S$ 319.00
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SteelSeries Steelseries Stratus Xl Wireless Controller (IOS) at 163.50 SGD from Lazada
SteelSeries Steelseries Stratus Xl Wireless Controller (IOS)
S$ 163.50 S$ 223.50
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