Known for their hip-hop and surfer culture inspired clothes, find more inspiration to style Stussy pieces here!

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Rocking it Out in Your Stussy Singapore Ensemble

The hip-hop culture first made an emergence in the 1970s where it began as a genre of music that consisted of stylized rhythmic music often accompanied with rapping. From being a genre of music, it grew into a culture that is now highly regarded as a form of expression and even a form of art. The arrival of hip-hop fashion brands emerged only in the 1990s. Even sportwear brand giants like PUMA, Nike and Adidas initially gained popularity and recognition through the B-boy culture.

So, it shouldn’t surprising that many other brands followed suit; Stussy was established in the early 1980s and became a clothing brand well known for its streetwear popularised by the hip-hop and surfing culture. Even though the hip-hop style would remain evergreen, current trends play to more streamlined silhouettes and clean colour palettes so continue reading to see how best to incorporate hip-hop heavy pieces into a more current day style.

Stussy Snapback Cap Stock Logo

Caps have recently made a comeback thanks to the K-pop culture. It is well-loved by many especially when it comes to bad hair days. A Stussy Snapback Cap Logo can be styled with most outfits but if your cap is one with a loud colour or design, pair it with a clean one colour ensemble like a full-black or full-white outfit.

Stussy Sweatshirt with Large Logo

Sweatshirts are the ultimate lazy day outfit but girls can edge it up with a pair of ribbed shorts and ankle boots or high tops. You can also pair it with leggings and converse for the more girl-next-door look. For the boys, pairing it with clean slim-cut jeans are always a safe option or further pop on a snapback for an even more b-boy inspired look!

Stussy Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Sleeve Print

One of the trendier and cleaner options from Stussy, these would look great with a pair of nicely tapered joggers coupled with your best sports kicks! The ladies can also opt to tuck these into your favourite skater skirts and finish the look up with your cutest sandals for a more fun playful look.

Stussy Logo T-Shirt

These are some of the more popular merchandises that Stussy Singapore has to offer. Pair these up with your favourite Bermuda shorts and boat shoes to look casually stylish. For those who think that the t-shirts are a bit too loud, layering a checkered shirt of a darker similar colour and rolling the sleeves up to your elbow should do the trick!

Stussy Hoodie with Back Logo

Hoodies are most commonly paired with jeans or joggers but one easy tip to look stylish even with these simple pairing is to ensure that your bottom is more fitting. Look for slim-cut or even skinny jeans and more tapered joggers instead of straight-cut jeans and loose fitting Bermuda pants.

Always Fashionable with Stussy

As the hip-hop culture is always ever-expanding, incorporating one or more pieces of hip-hop inspired clothing into your daily wardrobe is a definite must! Especially after we’ve already given you a guide on how to do so. *winks*