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Shop: Shopzilla For Him Hycoflex Medical Grade Collagen Powder Mobility enhancing Active and flexibility body joints
S$ 158.00

* Pls visit my qoo10 store for more photos: * 100% Brand New Ingredients Imported from Europe. * 100% GUARANTEED Medical Grade Hycollagen! * (14 sachets x 8.5g) per Box: 23 days consumption @ $158 ONLY! (U.P. $240) Description: Hycoflex is a potent active conditioning supplement that provides mobility enhancing solution to your daily needs. Powered by nmA (nutrition microAlgae), hycoflex is a refreshing citrus flavoured drink containing a proprietary blend of HyCollagen and effective anti-inflammatory agents to deliver the benefits and enhance your performance. It is essential for young adults (and also older adults) to have a well-built body that is strong in order to move about actively and seamlessly. To ensure this, essential nutrition that specifically supports the body's configuration in mobility and movement is vital for people to lead an active lifestyle at any age. It is also critical for athletes/sportsmen to restore crucial nutrients after a training session or strenuous exercise. hycoflex not only provides the solutions for the above conditions but also for the advancement of a more radiant look with the presence of high content of Hycollagen.. Benefits: *Anti-inflammation. *Helps to improve flexibility of the body, joints and muscles. Helps to maintain and protect healthy joints and muscles. Helps to relief discomfort in joints, sprains, strains of muscles. How to Use: Fill into a shaker and shake it with 150ml of cool water and drink immediately. Do not mix with hot water. One sachet a day to be taken before bedtime on first 5 days. After that, One sachet every 2 days. Hycoflex is suitable for both men and women. It is safe for continuous long-term use as it does not contain any drugs or chemicals that artificial to your body. This product is not recommended for pregnant women as it works in targeting soft tissues by helping to increase blood circulation in the body. However, it is safe for breastfeeding mothers to consumehycoflex. * Content: (14 sachets x 8.5g) per Box: 23 days consumption @ $158 ONLY! (U.P. $240) Other Info: nmA nmA is a powerful combination of extracts from microalgae such as Chlorella s. and Haematococcus p.. This powerful combination contains high levels of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. On top of that, they also provide the highest concentrations of proteins and beta-carotene of any foods and various micronutrients. It also has abundant nucleic acids which are important precursors of RNA and DNA for human body. Hycollagen Hycollagen is a highly purified collagen peptides imported from Europe that undergone hydrolysis process which made it more bio-available for human body. It is easily absorbed and is m

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