A team sport such as football will never be complete without its equipment. Picking the right football gear in Singapore is tough since they come in various materials and sizes. However, here are quick steps to help you choose the right football gear.


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Things to Consider When Buying Football Gear in Singapore

Football or soccer is one of the popular team sports in Singapore. Both men and women are hooked on the sport since it encourages the spirit of sportsmanship and at the same time is physically challenging. Whether you are a casual fan, a football athlete, or a trainer, you know that it is important to wear the right football gear to protect you from injuries. That’s why it’s essential to consider these tips before choosing a football gear.

Mini-Cleats or Flat Soled Football Shoes

Football is not only played on a grass field but also on an artificial turf. Artificial turf is a solid surface that is made of synthetic material similar to natural grass. Playing on such hard surfaces will require you to wear football shoes with flat rubber soles since they grip better. Football shoes with mini-cleats also work and can make running on a grass field easier.

Impact-Resistant and Flexible Shin Guards

Another gear to take into consideration are the shin guards. In a football game, it’s sometimes expected that you get hit with a ball or a player’s foot in the shins. The soccer ball may be smooth when you touch it but once it moves fast in the field, it will feel painful if it hits your shins. That’s why it’s important to wear shin guards to shield your legs against strong hits, no matter which position you have in the game. Pick ones that are impact-resistant and flexible to enhance body protection and performance.

Comfortable and Protective Apparel

Apparel is a fundamental aspect of football so it’s essential to choose one that provides you comfort and better performance. For football jerseys, always pick ones that have moisture wicking properties. A jersey that wicks away sweat not only keeps you cool but also gives comfort, thus allowing you to perform better. If you are playing football in hot seasons, go for short-sleeved jerseys. Otherwise, choose the long-sleeved ones. To know if you got the right jersey, it should have just the right amount of looseness. If it’s too loose, it might get snagged when you are playing closely with other players. When it comes to football shorts, the right length should fall between your upper knee and mid-thigh. For socks, it’s best to go for long and thick ones, enough to provide a covering for your shin guards and cushioning for your feet.

Latex Soccer Balls

The staple of any football game is the ball. It’s ideal to go for ones that have a synthetic covering as they give a better response and provide a smoother edge than others. You can also opt for ones with four coatings of polyester and cotton. On the other hand, if you see soccer balls that are made from two layers of polyester, then those are inferior in quality. Also, before purchasing a soccer ball, it’s important to check the bladder which is the part of the ball that contains air. Select a bladder that is made of latex since it is a high-quality material.

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