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What to Look For before Getting A Thermos Flask

As a proud producer of vacuum-insulated products, Thermos is a familiar name that everyone knows. It also boasts an impressive array of products for different taste and budget. For more products from Thermos, you should check out Thermos storage so that you can choose the one that fits you the most. If you require additional tips for better decision making, here are some of the things that you should look for before getting a thermos flask.

Key Elements of A Good Thermos Flask

When it comes to choosing your own Thermos vacuum insulated flask or Thermos travel mug, there are several factors that you should consider before buying. Some of the key choices that you should pay attention are construction, capacity, and additional special features.

Construction & Insulation

For your thermoses, it does not really matter whether it uses glass or stainless because all of them are able to accomplish their given task of keeping the beverage's original temperature. The key principle behind a thermos is to offer a small empty space between two layers of any material. This void in between the materials will stop any transfer of heat can dramatically alter the original temperature of the stored beverage.

It prevents heat or cold leaching into or out of the interior. A great thermos flask choice is the one that uses vacuum insulation. When it comes to heat retention, a thermos flask with vacuum insulation is more superior than one with foam insulation.

Construction and insulation of a thermos flask will impact its temperature retention and durability. Despite the availability of plastic or pressed tin models, most modern thermoses utilize a double-walled stainless steel construction. This kind of construction is able to withstand the pressure of vacuum insulation. On the subject of material, plastic is not the best option because it retains heat poorly. Stainless steel is the preferred metal choice because it can prevent corrosion as well as being shatter-proofing and scratch-resistance. It is also more durable than glass-based thermos flask.

If you are thinking of getting a glass-based thermos flask, you should get it as it is usually a visually appealing design. Thanks to a wall of glasses, it can create a nice and beautiful view of your stored beverage. As an example, your tea will look gorgeous with amazing transparent effects. It uses this feature to enable you to see how much of your drink is left through a glass-based thermos flask. Not just that, it is also easy to clean. At the same time, it is hygienic and preserves its content exceptionally well. However, its major weakness is its fragility as it can break into pieces if you are not careful enough.


Your capacity of a thermos will determine how many people can stay hydrated and for how long. From four ounces to one gallon, you should select the size of your thermos flask based on its most likely usage. As an example, you will need a thermos with a substantial capacity when you are going for hiking, family picnic, other all day or overnight activities. It is obvious that you should get a bigger thermos flash when you need to share your drink with others.

If you are doing your workout or want to get a hot drink during the daily commute, a simple single-serve travel mug or travel tumbler (between four and 16 ounces) can be a better choice. Another thing that you should consider is how fast you intend to drink your beverage. Needless to say, you do not even need a quick refill if you drink slowly.

Additional Special Features

Nowadays, it is incredible that thermos flasks now come with a huge array of potential features that increase their usefulness and versatility. If portability is your chief concern, you should opt for a design that comes with a carry strap, clips to your belt or a contoured body for a more comfortable grip. If you are driving, you should choose a design that has a slimline travel mug which fits into your vehicle cup holder.

A thermos flask with huge volume should contain a carry handle, strap or case so that you can carry it around easily. Thermos flask needs to be airtight if you are going to store it in a backpack or lunchbox. Furthermore, airtightness is important when you need to carry your thermos flask over a rough terrain.

Some thermos flasks actually come with tea infusers so that you can enjoy your tea. However, you should get the one with removable tea infusers if you are not a fan of loose tea leaves. If your tea infuser is deep, you need to bear in mind that it can get bitter when it reaches the bottom of your tea infuser.

Useful Tips that You Should Follow

When you buy a thermos flask, you should get a good look of it in order to check out for visible scratches or defects. These things can affect the performance of your thermos flask. If it is possible, you should try to sniff it to make sure there is no smell can come from the flask or bottle. Then, you can check the thermos to test it.

All you need to do is ensure that there is nothing vibrates. In addition, there should not be any sound come out from it. Next, you must pay attention to its cover and cap on whether they provide a tight insulation. Finally, you can go through its packaging to read more about its compliance, information about the manufacturer, warranty, condition of use and basic characteristics. Every detail matters because it allows you to expect and estimate how your thermos flask can be used properly.