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Telling time with style – Titan watches in Singapore

When we think of premium watches, we think Swiss technology with a fancy Italian name. Little do we realise that there is a brand of watch originating from south Asia that brought a new style of fashion and simplicity to telling time. Titan watches – the watch maker from India debuted in recent years as some of the best watches to collect. Sporting precious gems and intricate details in its craftsmanship, Titan watches have stepped up the game in the watch industry. Believe it or not, Titan watches have a sure place not only in the Indian market, but also in Singapore. You could buy your very own Titan watch in Singapore affordable prices with iprice today. Find out more through the links below.

Titan watches: The Past, Present and Future

After 24 years of experience in watch production, Titan has established a name for itself all over the world. A combination of futuristic design and elegant charm gives the brand life for the present and future. Let’s look further into what makes Titan watches so exceptional.

Titan’s best in watch technology

Titan Raga

A modern watch made for the modern woman. The Titan Raga is probably the most famous Titan watch series in the world. Slim design characteristics and an elegant coating of gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum or silver, this collect can embellish your look from ordinary to classy in no time! The watch is finished with feminine touches in the form of jewels and curvy face and straps. Buy it as a gift for your special woman or keep it as a collection. Whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong with Titan Raga watches.

Titan Edge

Watches don’t get any more classic than Titan Edge series. Beauty personified in each intricate detail giving a luxurious feel to anyone who puts on this timepiece. With a choice of leather straps and sapphire crystal glass casing, these gorgeous watches are made both for men and women.

Titan Purple

As the name sounds, Titan Purple is a watch series made for women. Unlike Raga, Titan Purple has taken class to another level. Embellished with rare Swarovski crystals, Titan Purple is not only at the height of femininity, but also a priceless gem of a timepiece. Made as a collector’s model as well as a symbol of status and class, Titan Purple is the timepiece for those who love to stand out in a crowd.

Titan HTSE

Taking a step into the future, Titan HTSE is a watch line that carries technology of tomorrow. Keeping up with clean energy and a flavour for technology, Titan HTSE stands of High Tech Self-Energized. Boasting a single charge with mere candlelight, the HTSE is a solar-powered watch. As rare as solar-powered watches are these days, the Titan gives us a glimpse into what to expect in the future.

Other Titan watch series:

  • Titan Zoop
  • Titan Nebula
  • Titan Automatic
  • Titan Steel
  • Titan Octane
  • Titan Juxt

Buy Titan watches at unbelievable prices in Singapore

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