An animated series about transforming Kia Motors vehicles to cool robots from South Korea, Tobots is taking Singapore by storm with their exciting and cool transforming robots! Read more about Tobots here.


Tobot Singapore: Your Friendly Neighborhood Transforming Robots

Tobot Singapore: Getting to Know the Little Robots

Hailing from South Korea in an animated television series comes Tobot, a series featuring robot transforming cars that are designed after the well acclaimed Kia Motors vehicles. Tobot is immensely popular in its own home nation that it beat out brick-building giant LEGO as the most popular toy-line!

The development of the idea of Tobot came from the idea of the Young Toys company to introduce to children a simpler version of the Transformers and the Power Rangers since they were only popular to older elementary school children. The original idea was to create a story and toy-line that cater to younger primary school children and also their younger counterparts, kindergarteners. How Young Toys managed to do this is not through obtaining licenses from animation studios after production, they did the direct opposite by developing animated series and the characters before actually producing the toys.

Nearing the end of 2014, Young Toys began to sell the licenses for their Tobot toys and characters to Southeast Asian nations. The first few episodes of the series were live starting from January 2015. Furthermore, here's a little fun fact; In December 2014, an eight-meter, 3-ton statue of Delta-Tron was erected at the Sky Park outside of Seoul's Lotte Mall Gimpo International Airport. That's awesome, if you ask us. You might be wondering who Delta-Tron is. We'll get to that further along this article.

The cartoon series revolves around a character, Dr. Franklin Char who is abducted by perpetrators, and this kidnapping activates his scientific breakthrough creations, the Tobots cars that transform into robots with the use of a "Tokey". Dr. Franklin Char's first two sons take control of the first two Tobots ever made to fight crime and protect people from crimes and harm.

Here's a brief list of the important and key characters of both the animated series and toy-line:

Tobot Humans

  • Cha Hana (Ryan Char) is the first protagonist with Tobot X
  • Cha Duri (Kory Char) is the second protagonist with Tobot Y
  • Kwon Semo (Dylan Kwon) is the third protagonist with Tobot Z
  • Kwon Limo (Limo Kown) is the first antagonist
  • Acne is the mastermind villain after Kwon Limo

Tobot Bots

  • Tobot X is the first Tobot sporting as a yellow Kia Soul
  • Tobot Y is the second Tobot as a Kia Forte Koup
  • Tobot Z is the third Tobot that changes from a red Kia Sportage R
  • Titan is the combination of Tobots X and Y
  • Tritan is the combination of Tobots X, Y, and Z
  • Quatran is the combination of Tobots C, D, R, and W
  • Delta-Tron is the combination Tobots Adventure Green, Adventure Z, D, and a travel trailer
  • Giga 7 is the amazing combination of Tobots Adventure X, Adventure Y, Adventure Z, Tobot D, Adventure Taekwon K, Adventure Teracle, and Adventure Cargo

The Impressive Collections of Tobot Singapore

Tobot Singapore sports many exciting and cool transforming robot toys that are not only interesting to young children, but also to adults. The robots transform from South Korea's Kia Motors vehicles such as the Kia Forte, Kia Sportage, Kia Sorento, and Kia Picanto. These kick-ass robots can also combine with each other to form larger integrated robots for further play and excitement! The Tobot toys come in many different price points, from the smaller more affordable ones suitable for younger children, to the larger transforming robots meant for older children, or even adults!

Young Toys' Tobot Toys line has currently 22 large robots, 1 play set, 8 mini-sized robots, 10 action figures, and 4 additional accessories. The popularity of Tobots can be reflected by its enormous number of 8 million units sold by the end of 2014. Young Toys made an estimation of every child between the ages of 4-7 has an average of 8 Tobots. The most popular and best-selling Tobots are Tobot X, Y, Z, K, Quatran, and Delta-Tron. Quatran currently holds the mega hit record by being sold out in less than 2 weeks after its own launch in November 2013.

Integration Tobots are also sold such as the Titan (2 cars in 1) and Tritan (3 cars in 1).

Tobot Singapore: From the Titan to Giga 7, Tobots Saving the Day!

Young Toys' Tobot creation is critically acclaimed and lovingly adored both in the animated series and their toy counterparts. The animated series boasts great 3D visuals as well as stories about childhood drama and action while the toys provide children with hands on interaction and expansions of their own active imagination. Surpassing even Lego in South Korea (and some Southeast countries), Tobots remain the best in means of toys and animated series.

The Tobot animated series teaches its young fans about teamwork and friendship while educating them on the difference between doing the right thing at times when needed. Once an animated series has already gathered fans, the toys that are produced would be an extension of all that they have learned through the animated series. We believe that both toys and animated series dedicated to children should be as action-packed and interesting as they are fun and educational. Furthermore, these lessons that are learnt act as brain-stimulants of which will be a long-term effect for the children. We see more creative teenagers due to their exposure to toys that are equally fun as they are stimulating.

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