For Too Cool For School, everything is about breaking the rules and being a rebel. Do you have what it takes to be a part of Too Cool For School cosmetics? Read on more to find out about this unique brand.


Too Cool For School, Beauty that breaks rules

Are you the good girl that everyone adores? The girl that finishes her work on time, listens to her parents, never breaks her curfew or be mean to anyone? Then this brand is not for you. Too Cool For School is specially curated for those who live on the edge, the little rebels that knows how to have fun in her own creative world. Life is too short to be boring. Embrace the good girl gone bad life with Too Cool For School cosmetics that breaks all the common norms of the world. Indulge in a world where creativity rules the world.

Be a rebel with Too Cool For School from iprice Singapore

Launched back in 2009, Too Cool For School is more than just another Korean beauty brand that revolves around the normal Korean look. For a start, their name ‘School’ refers to a school of fish swimming together but the brand all together “Too Cool For School” refers to that rebellious fish that left the group and is swimming against the current. It is an artistic cosmetic brand that focuses on creative experimentation and the contemporary culture. Their main believe is in their quality and the brand’s unique take on its products.

Created in New York City, Too Cool For School is one of the most sought after brand in South Korea as their brand sets new standards and promotes artistic expression in contemporary beauty culture that can be clearly seen in their range of products. Too Cool For School reflects the originality and fresh, rebellious spirit of those whom they target – young, free-spirited cool women who does not conform to the norm around her.

This unique band is known for working with some of Korea’s leading illustrators and designers to create the most distinct beauty products. You don’t always see illustrations with things like cats and dinosaurs but among products of Too Cool For School, these uncommon arts are common and works as a breath of fresh air, allowing them to stand out among the sea of Korean beauty brands.

Too Cool For School Singapore - Cosmetics for the advocates of artistic expressions

At Too Cool For School, you can immerse yourself with their 13 different product collection represented by 4 different cartoon ambassadors who has their own unique personalities.

Their line of products include:

The Dinoplazt collection was created from the collaboration with Hatori Sando, a New York architect and painter. This dinosaurs galore is based on the concept of creating ‘the new from the old’.
This collection is by far the brand’s best seller. Everything is made from pure eggs, making them an ‘eggscellent’ choice for your beauty routine. The mousse-textured products are made from cleansing and nourishing egg oks and eggs whites are filled with loads of benefits.
Special Care
This special care line is created especially for those with ultra-sensitive skin. Special Care products embraces your special skincare routines through natural formulas.
If you have cleaning up your face before you sleep, then this cleansing line provides you with the best solutions. “Za” in Korean means “let’s do it” when combined with other words.
Glam Rock
Dive into the 70s world with Glam Rock’s decadent, professional eye makeup. This line pays homage to their styles of the 70s UK Glam Rock era, iconic for their visual revolution mingling fashion and music.
Art Class
A line that creates the exact same experience of walking into a classic whimsical art studio that you found in a backstreet of an unfamiliar city, drawn by your own curiosity and love of the arts.
A collection that is born from the collaboration with Anke Weckmann, a London based German illustrator.
Morocco Ghassoul
This collection uses the Moroccan Ghassoul Clay to effectively and naturally remove the sebum and residue from your pores.
A soothing line of skincare that contains natural yeasts that is extracted from the traditional Korean rice wine, Makgeolli.
Jean George Llong
A collection of sunscreen UV protection with an extra special packaging that mocks the luxurious European brands and Korean’s inconsistent ideas about exposed body image.
Rules of Skincare
The Rules of Skincare collection gives you a range of mix matched products that is suitable for different skin needs, along with the appropriate guidelines for improved skin health.
A colour collection that expresses an array of contemporary school uniform patterns. And the best thing, this collection comes in a ‘travel-friendly’ pocket sizes that are easily carried around with you.

And their 4 Cartoon Ambassadors are:

  • Sienna – Dreamer, social butterfly, DIVA, feminine extraordinaire.
  • Joey – Wanderbug, classy yet laid-back, androgynous.
  • Emma – Lover of arts, child at heart, jolly with an in-depth flair for the Boho life.
  • Max – Mysterious, secretive, wise, meticulous. The pet cat for Sienna.

Are you Too Cool For School?

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of this brand? Are you willing to break from apart from the common norm and live your life? Will you be an advocate of the creative world? If your answers are yes, then here are the best products from Too Cool For School that you absolutely need.

  1. Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask
  2. Too Cool For School BB Foundation Lunch Box
  3. Too Cool For School Dinoplatz UFO Multi Box
  4. Too Cool For School Rules of Pore Morocco Ghassoul Foam Cleanser
  5. Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara
  6. Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack
  7. Too Cool For School Special Care Cherry Blossom Mist
  8. Too Cool For School Perfect Day Makeup Fixer
  9. Too Cool For School Glossy Blaster Tint
  10. Too Cool For School Milk Tint No.4 Milky Lavender

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