Jeans are versatile and an absolute MUST-HAVE in your closet which makes finding the right pair of jeans for you that much more important. Look for the most suitable cut of jeans for you here in TOPMAN Singapore.

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Finding the Perfect Pair of TOPMAN Jeans in Singapore

Jeans were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873 but are still wildly popular even to this day. Jeans are essentially pants made from either denim or dungaree cloth where both materials are made from cotton. The difference is that denim is woven before being coloured whereas dungaree is woven from coloured yarn. While jeans began as working attire, they have transitioned to a symbol of rebellious youth to finally becoming a key fashion item.

Being an important fashion piece, jeans come in various shapes and colours which is why finding the right fit for your body type is important. Calling all men out there who fret about buying the right cutting for their body shape, your worries are over!

The Regular

This cut of jeans normally comes with a straight cut. It has a fairly large opening and falls straight from the knees. This loose cut of jeans with a medium to low rise is more flattering for those with an athletic built. Men with wide hips should look for straight cut jeans but with a higher rise instead. Apart from that, men with a larger waistline can also opt for this option but with a wider leg. This particular cut of jeans should be avoided by the skinnier men as it will make your legs look overly bulky as compared to your torso.

The Skinny

Like its name, skinny jeans are skinny all the way through from the hips to the leg. These cut of jeans should be avoided by bulkier men as it might make you look bigger than you really are. Average sized men rejoice for this is the most flattering cut to go for. However, if you tend to be on the skinnier side, avoid this cut as it might make you look even smaller. For the skinny jeans enthusiasts, check out one of the most popular skinny jeans that TOPMAN Singapore has to offer; the Spray On Skinny Jeans collection!

The Slim

The cut that is flattering for most body type, this cut is more tapered compared to the regular fit without being overly figure hugging like the skinny. Slender sized men to athletic men will be able to pull this cut off as it accentuates the figure without being overly constricting. Skinnier men can also benefit from this cut of jeans as it is skinny enough to be flattering without over-accentuating the size of your bottom half.

The Relaxed

This cut of jeans best suit heavier men with its loose cut from the waist down. This cut of jeans will not accentuate your figure so it would be best avoided by the skinnier men as it may look overly bulky on your small frame.

The Bootcut

Bootcut are jeans that are more form-fitting from the waist to the knees before it flares out slightly to the hem. Bootleg jeans are generally more flattering on most body type as it is able to balance the proportions.

The Endless Possibility with Jeans

Apart from the different cuttings, jeans come in a variety of washes from acid wash to vintage wash. Further from there, you have jeans of high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise. This gives an endless possibility with the combination of jeans so you’re bound to find a type that suits your everyday lifestyle and use in TOPMAN Singapore.