This British menswear brand offers you an array of high-quality clothing and accessories with affordable prices. Among its many products, Topman shirts have become the customers’ go-to for formal uses and casual wear. As simple as wearing shirts may sound, there are ways to elevate your look and styling mistakes to avoid. Read more about it here.

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A Styling Guide to Topman Shirts Based on Your Build

“You can never go wrong with wearing shirts.” True, but you still need to know some styling tips and tricks to truly be the fashionista you are. People may think that men can just throw on a shirt, pants, and a pair of shoes and they’re ready to go face the day. Before buying your own Topman men’s shirts, there are a few things you need to know.

Difference between shirts and t-shirts

Many would often think that the two types of garments are the same however the only thing they share is that they are supposed to be worn over the torso and the upper body. A Topman shirt tends to be more formal than the t-shirt as they would usually feature collars, buttons, and cuffs. A Topman t-shirt, on the other hand, is named as such because its design follows the letter T. They are more freeing, has no collars, buttons, or cuffs, and are short-sleeved, rendering it inappropriate for formal events.

Knowing your body shape

Dressing based on your body shape doesn’t only apply to women but men, as well. Once you know your body type, you can avoid getting a Topman shirt that is either too tight or too baggy. There are two important factors you must consider when determining your body shape: build and height.

  • Average – The average build, known as the trapezoid, has shoulders that are broader than the midsection. This build can pull off most types of shirts in most sizes.
  • Inverted Triangle – Many athletes would have this kind of build. Although similar to the trapezoid build, it has a more defined waist with extremely broad shoulders, muscular arms, and legs. Most suitable in slim-fit and crewneck shirts.
  • Rectangle – Men with this body type has a straight and lengthy build. There’s less muscle definition and the waist and shoulders are the same width. When it comes to Topshop shirts, men with this build should look for slim-fit shirts that can be layered.
  • Triangle – The triangle build type feature a more prominent midsection. To be able to make this proportion look flattering, search for Topman shirts that will give you more width around the shoulders. Avoid Topman polo shirts and turtlenecks.

Men will have varying torso height so one type of Topman shirt probably won’t be able to flatter everyone. One thing to keep in mind is to always look for shirts that can balance out your proportions. For tall men, make sure your Topman shirts are long enough to be able to tuck into the pants. Short men should know how to play around with the waistline of their pants to lengthen the silhouette of their torsos.

Now that you know the tips to buying Topman shirts based on your body types and build, check out other Topman clothing items and finish your look with a pair of Topman shoes.