As a fashionista, we always take the extra mile to choose the best garments for our daily outfits. Even with clothes as simple as jeans, you would want them to look as exciting and comfortable as you possibly can. Choose the hottest jeans from Topshop below or read more about Topshop Singapore.


Topshop Jeans - Comfortable and Equally Stylish

Topshop Singapore has always been a forerunner in high-street fashion. Since 1964, the brand has been wow-ing the crowd with their top quality and trendy garments for both men and women. From tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, bags, and accessories, Topshop has come a long way from their humble beginnings in a basement to London Fashion Week. If you want garments as fabulous as your personality, choose Topshop.

Why Choose Topshop

Hip, Cool, and Edgy

Nothing screams modern and trendy better than Topshop. From their collections, you can already see yourself wearing these amazing garments without going out of your comfort zone. The brand expresses cool and comfortable style while being fabulous.

Caters to Diverse Styles and Tastes

Another great thing about Topshop is that it caters to our individuality and desire to be unique. You are free to mix and match, create looks from your Topshop clothing, and look your best! You can show off your personality and easily rock an outfit with Topshop.

Celebrities Wearing Topshop

Style that would suit a fashion icon's taste, big names such as Queen B and boo Jay-Z, supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne, pop superstar Taylor Swift, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, Mandy Moore, Kate Bosworth, and the list just goes on!

Topshop Jeans Collections

Joni Jeans

If you want your jeans to be extra dramatic, then choose Joni Jeans from Top Shop. This ultra-high-rise and super-stretchy jeans are created with a retro-tinged silhouette. Add a crop top or a bralette to this look and you're good to go!

Straight Leg Jeans

If you want a little spin to the classic straight leg jeans, then this collection is certainly for you. It is great for every season, made with authentic low-stretch denim with a mid-rise waist line that are fitted through the hips to flatter your figure.

Leigh Jeans

One of the brand's most popular collection of jeans, the Leigh jeans feature a mid-rise skinny fit that are both comfortable and stylish. Women love these jeans so much that Topshop has created a maternity version so you can be fabulous even while pregnant!

Mom Jeans

With Topshop, Mom jeans aren't so bad! Straight from the 90s these sturdy and ultra-comfortable jeans are here to stay. This collection features a rigid, tapered leg but provides flexibility. If you want to wear mom jeans while looking amazing, roll them up to your ankles and show off the high-waist with a crop top!

Jamie Jeans

Modern, exciting, and definitely high-street, Topshop's Jamie jeans are every modern girl's uniform for daily life. They are comfortable, flexible, and definitely versatile. Regardless of the season, you can rock these jeans with a simple t-shirt or a blouse!

Shop for the Best Topshop Jeans in Singapore!

When you talk about jeans and high-street fashion in general, nothing beats Topshop Singapore. Providing you with comfortable, top-quality, and exciting new trends, Topshop runs the extra mile to deliver the garments that you want. Check out the best Topshop jeans in Singapore!